I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


I guess the left will now embrace the game of football… otherwise team owners will have to dig deep into past reserves to offset the growing number of empty seats…


They just don’t get it.

What part of it’s only entertainment don’t they get?

Try pulling this garbage in any business in the US and see if they are still employed.


One pitiful league ! They continue to show their true colors . Boycott the NFL !!!


In an attempt to get overpaid blacks to stop boycotting the anthem, the NFL is giving $100 million in revenue from cucked white men to “African American causes” including $25 million to the United Negro College Fund and $25 million to the Dream Corps headed up by this fine batch of communists…fuck the NFL.


I’ll bet the NFL players are getting Really Angry at the people not showing up to see the games. How Dare They?


So Trump destroys a traditional American business and the BOD’s rejoice, lol. So much for the TIC making America great again. :joy:


Trump? I am positive that they made their own business decision… if that was a bad decision, you can’t blame Trump… I mean you wouldn’t suggest that anyone other than Trump was a success or failure of his own business… Now would you?

Speaking of destroying business… with the repeal of the individual mandate… er Tax… that takes a big chunk out of obama care and eventually, if they focus on cutting insurance out of the loop… your business as well. Might want to consider retraining…


It must be a lot of work for you linking everything to President Trump. These piece of shit entitled athletes disrespect the country, acting on their own free will, and somehow that is Trump’s fault? How about when the weakling NFL business owners cave to the demands of a their uneducated players…Trump’s fault too…right?


Yeah, I notice that part of the ‘settlement’ goes to the Negro College Fund… I would dare say, it wouldn’t have helped many of these guys who were set on a pro career in peewee football and has college coaches looking our for them even when they failed academically…


Sorry, but not everybody considered their protestations (a first amendment right) to be disrespecting anything.


Not everyone. That’s correct. Stadiums are basically empty now except for the few people you are talking about. More and more people are turning out. That’s their first amendment right too. I can’t wait for the NFL to crumble.


Well that’s nice. That should be good for the economy.


Amazon Prime now features Thursday nite football at no extra charge.


The NFL is crucial to the economy, thought leftists.


Creative destruction … the way of real capitalism driven by the consumer. I see that baseball attendance is way up.

As to your comment above about not everyone considered their protestations to be disrespecting anything… a fair amount of people stand behind a cake bakers right to protest as well and don’t give me that “it is before the game that they paid for” BS… They pay for pregame, and halftime activities as well… as soon as they plant their ass in the seat, they are customers… and it would appear that many more customers both in the stands and on TV, don’t like the service. I read an article the other day that talked about the down stream revenue implications of the actions of the NFL… They could actually push people back to free to view antenna services because in many cases, its been the NFL sports packages driving these subscription bundles. Whats that old saying… actions have concequences


Wow, what will all the spoiled steroid children do for a living.

Maybe they can join the IWF where they are clearly more suited.


I recently went to my first HS football game in a very long time.

They actually play the game without the strut and swagger and it was more than entertaining.

I always laugh at the our team chants. Their our team until the players are traded. It all add up to our paid professionals against their paid professionals. Nothing more, and usually much less.


Of course it’s their first amendment right, who suggested otherwise??? But few were paying attention until the TIC started a Twitter storm over some players protesting. But look, it’s funny watching these people shoot themselves in the foot. A, the NFL certainly does contribute to the economy, and B, it’s mostly jock type, gun toting, bible thumping, red necks that have historically patronized football. I guess they don’t mind their game going away and loosing a prized entertainment medium to maintain support for the TIC. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


It is a first amendment right if the employer says it is a first amendment right. If the employer says no… you have 2 choices… stay or leave. If the employer says yes, then it is the fans who decide if it is a right or not… because they too have 2 choices… stay or leave. The NFL had decided that they will succumb to the SWJ’s under their employ…

Interests change… the ‘All American’ types liked baseball before football became big in high schools throughout the south… Perhaps they are drawing a line in the sand and saying that the country is more important than the sport…


President Trump is the one that staged a campaign rally in the heart of football country and decided to criticize some players for exercising their first amendment right. I don’t watch football and could give a shit whether it lives or dies. I’m just laughing at the TIC because most of his base support are football fans and now their giving it up for him, a fucking moron as SOS declared, bwahahahahaha.