I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


The people who support Trump’s agenda know that he is going to have to break some eggs and I think people in the south are much more prepared for most anything that looks like hardship than city liberals on the coast. I You don’t understand, we want our society out of the hands of socialist lunatics… You mistake a love for a sport has any relevance to their love for their country…


How The NFL Can Increase Viewership

Streamline game-day broadcasts by eliminating extraneous commercials, NFC North

Increase jostling, pushing by 60 percent

Crack down on player protests by solving racial inequality and eliminating police brutality

Explore the possibility of building some kind of connection between the currently completely separate worlds of football and gambling

Boost drama with steamier in-game romance plot lines

Clear helmets to improve player visibility

Reduce human error plaguing the league by implementing a robot commissioner

Keep lying about how bad concussions really are

Encourage viewers to come back each week by ending broadcasts with two-minute warning cliffhanger


I don’t even know for sure but I bet money this is just so much hate party bullshit and nothing more. I will look at facts and proof that it isn’t. Thats facts not more bullshit. All this over a brain dead president.


Then enjoy yourself watching a bunch of brain dead losers disrespect the country before they play a boring game.


It’s very odd that you consider exercising ones constitutional right to be disrespectful, very odd, shrug.


If you act like a loudmouth jerk at work, can your boss fire you?


Yes, I believe that he can. But if you’re referring to hand over ones heart facing the flag in the humble pose upon ones knee as “loud mouthed jerk” then probably not.


All this over leftists who cannot accept that they lost the election.

The reality that half he country rejected their much beloved progressive nonsense.


With dismal job approval ratings! :wink:


No I disagree. If you demonstrate any behavior that is not consistent with your company’s values you can be fired. In fact that’s just cause enough for employers to do so. Remember that woman who was riding her bicycle and flipped off the president when he was passing by in his motorcade? She got fired. No one threw her in jail for expressing herself. Her employers simply found it inconsistent with their values.


Humm… I could say something but I won’t … :snowflake:


I was disagreeing with you that the players actions were tantamount to being loudmouth jerks, shrug.


Actually, it would be. NFL teams and the stadia that must be built in their honor (along with massive tax breaks) are NOT good for the cities who have them. Sports teams are an ego boost for the masses who imagine the team’s successes are somehow tied to each and every Joe Palooka who wastes his free weekend watching.


Jane Sanders, dont you have jail time to serve?


You shit on the first amendment and think that anyone who doesn’t support your goofy idea what the second means is anti constitutional. Shitting on the first is Ok for you though. You think that makes you a good american. There are so many ass-holes in the hate party.


Kan i haz morr “Progressive tears” ™ ?


There are so many ass-holes in the hate party.

That certainly tells everyone who the party of hate is.

p.s. Your free to send as much money as you want to support he NFL. But then again your donation to the NFL equates to the same amount the cry baby players donate to their cause.


Hmmmm let’s see here- where did he "shit on the First?
I would have to guess that you feel the GOP is the “hate party” because, oh yes, they don’t see the world the way you do. They see instead, a nation and its values under assault from insufferable asshats who deign to dictate social policy when in power, and simper and sue when not.


If you don’t understand , You’re just not bright enough to understand/. Yes I hate everyone in your hate party , I always have hated the biggest threats and enemy of my country, I’m a true patriot and anyone who tries to destroy my country are scum , Which is funny considering it’s the name of their alsopresident . President Scum Bag.


What are you 16? I’ve had C students who could write circles around that. Hate the ‘other side’ all you want; none of us care all that much because for the next three to eight years our side will be trying to save the country from people who think they own patriotism.

But that may have gone over the head of one who impugns the intellect of another due to disagreement - weak stuff, kid, come back when you’ve grown up.