I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter




Now that is funny. SNL???

Just make it up as you go along???


A hater from the party of hate.

Well said.


And if someone doesn’t believe it look at how national soccer teams around the world are treated… people turn cities upside down over a loss… women cry in the streets … and men beat the hell out of each other… :roll_eyes: It is all tied simply to pride. One should never under estimate the good that participating in teams sports can have to a community and the individuals who participate but at the professional level it is far to much about ego.


I don’t believe in any of your … ‘comments’ that you have once mentioned the Constitution, or faith or love of country or even voluntarism… All I have ever heard from you is… well… hateful comments… Go home patriot.


That’s a nice debate tactic. :roll_eyes:


You all have me laughing -ALL HATE PARTY QUOTES
HERE "none of us care " but all of You wrote a stupid response to tell me you don’t care, and that you don’t like me and you think i’m dumb. My favorite though is showing me I have you by the short hairs , when all you got is my spelling and the way I conjugate a verb. love it, you know you have that person beat.


Just started to watch the NFC again. Anything the hate party thinks I’m opposed to, Being that the hate party are by far the biggest threat this country has. Way to much hate driven thinking.


That’s where debate losers always go. But I figure you’ve got broad shoulders.


Good for you, perhaps you should buy tickets as the owners and he NFL would appreciate the incom.


The piece of shit is President Scum bag, Do you want to argue that point , probably not, considering that you know damn well that I can come up with a hundred videos and quotes , showing him , in his own words proving that he is a pile of shit scum bag. You go right ahead and give it a try , the old pussy grabber needs scum bag support.


They love the 2nd and say your the enemy if you don’t align yourself with their made up idea what the 2nd means but then turn right around and shit on the first. These are great Americans.


Not your safe space.

Youre the only one insulting others’ intellects here, as seen in

Shareblues are out in force these pays couple days, as false alert from abc flared. Really makes you think


Not only do these haters waste bandwidth responding saying they don’t like me or that I’m dumb, now they are responding to the comment that I wrote saying it. Tell me, hater why would I care what the enemy of my country has to say about me. Just wondering.


There isn’t one progressive here that has the idea that there isn’t any hate driven people as football fans. So tell me what this proves, just for a kick.


A bit to colorful gets you a FLAG!


Actually it proves that I’m on the winning side of the debate , my favorite being, when they got so much to respond with,
that they go after my spelling. That person I’ve buried.


How do I put the quote I’m responding to in the reply


Joined May 9th
Dont know how to use the site’s basic functions
Insulted others’ intellect while crying bullies
"hey haters, help me use this site thing"

If youre gonna shill, at least do it right.



Still waiting for you to find a person to bury.