I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


You can’t believe any people from the hate side about their voting. .First They wouldn’t admit anymore that they were Republicans and said they were Independent or Libertarian, but then they got heat for the truth, that Libertarians are simply Anarchist for the wealthy and independents are people who want to be seen as open minded but the truth being that they never are though. So now no one admit to have voted for President Scum Bag . So so many ya buts out of this crew that it’s funny.


OK then I will ask for the examples you offered.


Here’s one you will both enjoy


The right is always lecturing on democrats hating big business , which is just stupid, business does way better under Democratic president then they do under hate party presidents . Tell me though, How does destroying football fit into that I love big business bullshit. , Hell these players love their country way more then these haters do ,so how does it fit into their bullshit about business being their god and boss and what honor business brings to our society.



Yes, I’ve been making this point. The TIC and his “BOD’s” are laughing and high diving each other here over the possible destruction of an organization that pours a lot of money into the economy. But I guess that’s their idea of making America great again.


Don’t tell anyone its a secret.

It’s the fans money. If they didn’t spend it on football and trash and trinkets they would spend it on some other recreational hobby.

Net change to the economy ZERO!


They both pander to big Business.



The NFL Foundation, a nonprofit organization representing the 32 NFL teams, focuses on the issues most important to the game — youth football, protecting players, and community involvement. Since 1973, the foundation has contributed nearly $370 million to charities and youth football programs.

A list of the jobs at the NFL.


What a laugh, brain dead everywhere you look in this forum , have you looked at the Budget bills coming from the hate party, Show me one budget bill that comes close to these disasters, from the left , You’re so ridiculous. . You can’t bullshit your way out of this. Look at Paul Ryan’s budget proposals over the years supported by 100% of the hate party. Democrats do nothing compared to this. Or take a look at their last disaster. Reagan’s’ tax cut from the worst president in our history, No one has done more harm until now as a president.


That would be 100% correct.


Easy now. Debate civilly. Personal attacks advance nothing. I didn’t specify who is worse, I just pointed out to you that democrats ignore the first amendment when it doesn’t suit them as well. And provided you material.


“The First Amendment has been under the latest assault for months, and this week Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont and onetime chairman of the Democratic Party, finally said out loud what certain prominent Democrats have hinted at and alluded to, that free speech does not necessarily include extending it to anyone who disagrees with them.” that’s it for the first one on your list , SHow me where in the hell he said anything like that. He made a mistake saying that hate speech isn’t protected by the constitution. If that’s it , then all you got is bullshit as usual.


Wait a minute, I thought I was 100% correct just a few minutes ago. Dude, you need to take a chill pill, you’re too caustic to debate with.


You have to be kidding . You have no clue what these mean do you, your trying to sell bullshit here to make a point. Bewkes attack was Clinton’s saying that she would work to get citizen united dumped. So your a supporter of citizens united. Give me something that isn’t bullshit.


Yes I go to caustic as soon is someone starts trying to sell bullshit here. I don’t care what party it is. You will get no hand holding from me. If you can’t take the heat just don’t respond. It’s not that complicated. I do it all the time

.Ya I’ll go Caustic anytime someone tries to sell bullshit here. If you can’t take the heat or simply think I’m whatever ,don’t respond, I do that all the time. I’m really not big on holding someones hands.


Golly kid, apparently you only watch MSNBC, and bury your face in Daily Kos’ cheeks. If you paid any attention to any other news source you would have seen umteen colleges and universities blocking, through protests, admin. fear, or violent intimidation, conservative speakers across the nation.

And how do they do that- they have people just like you (only pseudo grown up and professorial) declare that any conservative speech is hate speech. The conservatives magically become Nazis, even Jews like Ben Shapiro- an orthodox Jew- is now a Nazi…

Get on Google, (go for it kid, I know you can do it!), type “examples of free speech squelched on campuses” and you’ll find 285,000 results, including Wapoo, Huffpoo, and the Atlantic. You might not find anything on Daily Klod because they are a large part of the problem.


jane sander and illiterate bernie bot need to get a room.


Don’t forget that the very first thread that you started on this forum was locked because you are little more than a loud mouth with nothing relevant to say… Matter of fact all you can and have ever talked about is how you are ‘winning’ because you piss people off with your ignorance and arrogance but most certainly not you intelligence. You would get a like from the very same kind of individual although I will say that he contributes far more to this forum in the way of salient points than do you.


What thread was that? The one made on the night of the election?