I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


I don’t recall what ‘triggered’ he/she/it… but I have a fair idea that his review of a TOTAL of 310 posts in a TOTAL of >> 11 threads << over the last 7 months doesn’t give me confidence that he actually understands the positions of anyone on this forum… His/Her total output has been purely argumentative and equates that to debate.

I can guarantee that I have read EVERYONE of his 310 posts… but I know damned well, he hasn’t read my 39 and a half thousand entries. Thats not an attempt to gloat, just that I have invested a lot of time engaging political ideas on this forum and I resent people who’s only real purpose is to needle people to the point where they get pissed and then trying to claim the higher ground. Their have been a couple of others who qualify in that regard.

Of course when it gets down to the details of the social state, dependency programs and the Constitution, one finds progressives pretty light on debate.


Well I did as you say and Googled , “examples of free speech squelched on campuses” and there was of course right wing hate garbage but mostly things like Students protesting against Nazi’s and White surpremisists and other hate groups and there was a section on Christian schools trying to stop the free speech of students on things the school thought were against their belief system.
Now please Do as this clown says and go to his Listing at the bottom of His comment and what do you find out is he, supports the Nazi’s. What were the Students protesting ,read the sign in this goofballs Comment at the bottom of his page, QUOTE—"NO NAZI"S IN BERKELEY"
The right is willing to support any hate group as long as they vote for them. Easily proven by the historic fact the This president has the support of the Nazi party, the white supremacists and the KKK. All have given their support before and after his election.



Do you get paid by the number of post or the number of words per post?


Factions within the Democratic Party can be described similarly. If it makes you feel any better though, if you don’t subscribe to the alt right BOD doctrine on this board, you must be getting paid to post. You’re not going to find much debate here, name calling and personal attacks flavor most every post, from some. Or the nasty, immature shit you see in the previous post. It’s obvious why these people support the TIC.


Guess you missed what I said about the left declaring - well - here:

If only you read with as much fervor as you cast childish insults… By the way, the people on this board are not ‘hard right’ or ‘alt right’, etc. They (we) are people who happen to believe that the current attempt to recast every decent cultural touchstone as racist, or primitive, or homophobic is an attempt to ruin the culture and turn it into the fantasy of some high school sophomore who struck out at t-ball, and wears a Che t- shirt while typing scatological insults at those who actually contribute something- to this forum, and to their community.


Oh I think I hurt his feelings, I supported something he said and he thought we were buddies but then went on a bullshit tear just like the hate party and I didn’t agree with him and he thought we were friends. So He is jumping up and down like any right winger here.
Then he brought in examples supporting what he said but in looking at them they did no such thing and he’s mad at that also. because I pointed that out. He gets his Ideas the same way the right does , if it supports what he says and think then it has to be right. You know Fox Crap news and Rush Fatty.


Cool story, JaneSander. I didnt know they give you internet access in jail



So your supporting racism and your a homophobic, and your proud of it. The hate party is made up of Haters , of course , hence the name , Evangelicals that elect Pagans for their president. Chauvinistic Pussy grabbers , and the good old boy routine that it’s just locker room stuff. Islamophobic , Bigots, White supremacists, KKK and Nazis ALL VOTED AND SUPPORT HIM. iF IT’S LESS THAN WHITE YOU HATE IT. You elected the most evil, hateful, cruel pile of shit and you think your on the right track , ya you bubbas are just great people. What a joke.


[quote=“supperhey, post:108, topic:5743, full:true”]
Cool story, JaneSander. I didnt know they give you internet access in jail
[/quote] How small of a mind is it that thinks that what some other person does Oks and justify what scum bag has done. This is always a hoot.


What was that? Cant make sense over all these crying and yelling.


No; you didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, kid. Your insults are almost amusing, but lack any of the qualities that would lead someone to put any actual value on them. We have friends, we’re adults, and if I met John, we would likely chat over coffee or a glass of wine agreeing to disagree like adults.

You would be outside the shop with your hands and nose on the glass screaming silly obscenities at us. Try being something other than an irritant without a purpose, and people may give credence to your posts.


@jbander just say what you need to say and ignore the immature and don’t get in the weeds with them.




This too shall pass.


While you are no doubt right about @jbander I would have to say that, quite frankly, it is you who seems to have problems engaging with people on a deeply detailed level and these accusations, while more sedate aren’t considerably different than those of jbander himself. Calling the duly elected president TIC and the people who voted for him BOD’s doesn’t invite a whole lot of discussion either… As far as the paid bit… some might think that this must be a sideline income for you given that you operate so many offices for a day job and still have time to come on here and discuss little more than #resist talking points.


Yeah, don’t you ever get tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Seems like a country like America could front two so very qualified and dignified candidates without the baggage (that these two clowns have) that we’d all be having difficulty deciding, both being so appealing. But no.


Black millionaires playing the victim , who would have guess ! :roll_eyes:


You never get tired of voting for LOSERS because your in the same company , shrug :laughing: quack shrug ,quack …:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress.