I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


That of course is precisely what happens when liberals work tirelessly to dismantle the faith, family and values of the population… The divisions get starker and you wind up with a street brawler like trump… The left however has done exactly NOTHING to put Hillary down and has in fact kept the Clintons on a very high pedestal. Such is the world created by the ‘socially liberal’ philosophy that has not bases, no values and not a clue…


Faith in the evangelicals voting in a Pagan for president, you know the Proud Pussy Grabber. Why would anyone go after Hillary , other than your bullshit she has done nothing, That your party wasn’t doing in the past or now as we speak. You’re a fraud , If you think scum bag is better anyday then Hillary your one sick puppy.
Lets try this ,Your president is a scum bag and a piece of shit , So argue that point. You won’t because you know damn well that I can put up a 100 videos and quotes ,of Scum Bag, in his own words, proving that he is a scum bag pile of shit.


I love these family values people , fuck the needy ,it’s only me that counts. Yup hate party family values.


Flagged… you add nothing … absolutely nothing to this forum … Nothing…

Oh, by the way, In the words of Rumsfeld… “You go to war with the leaders and the army you have”

Remember it was democrats who have attempted to block nominees because of their religious affiliation… while kissing the ass of Muslim terrorists… I

I don’t necessarily like Trump but I love what the does to little triggered basement dwellers like YOU!


And you enjoyed your 8 years of paganism?


About time.

There is no conversation just hate.


I defend his 1st amendment right. Need to stock up of leftist tear for the holidays.


You can have all the 1st amendment rights you want as long as it’s civil.

He’s far from civil and contributes nothing but hate…


But i just bought the tumbler …


Dude!!! Come on man. How about posting something helpful. If you keep pointing at the Democratic Party as the way forward and denying HRC’s failures, you’re not helping. Please stop being caustic.


I actually agree with you. Although this is a containment thread for him.


That’s real nice, heartwarming too.


Not sure what that means??


He seems primarily contained to posting only in this thread. He doesn’t post much anywhere outside this thread (i.e., containment thread).


Oh I see, gotcha. Well I guess that’s good then.


He has been a participant on only 11 threads since he signed on here 7 months ago… and he has left a total of 337 posts of similar value. His very first ‘containment thread’ had to be locked for him to shut up.


First off, I would like to know which one of you thinks that I shouldn’t hate the biggest threat and enemy of this country , I’ll tell you straight out. your the ones that are wasting bandwidth, I’m saying something , your not . Your all to wound up thinking you need to respond over and over that you hate me and/or you think I’m dumb. First, Why would I care what the biggest threat and enemy of this country thinks , I mean that’s just stupid. My latest comment that your burning your butt over is 100% true. Can’t argue it,(well I guess you can argue anything. )
They are giving massive amount of money to Big B , the military and that ,all but pennies, go to the wealth, How are they paying for it . By going after people who can’t fight back the needy the sick and the old. Evangelicals were without a doubt were the voters that put scum bag into office. So I say that they put a piece of shit , scum bag, hater into office. They elected the most cruel hateful, mean, evil president in history . Who is a pagan . He perceives himself as being God. So every word is true .


Everyone who voted for scum bag , sold out their country for hate.


Me. My address is

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Come anytime you want to.


Do you say that because he’s not a Catholic?? He’s down to 32% in tonight’s poll. But I’m not sure that that makes him a pagan. Now he is down 17% with the white evangelical.