I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


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Do you say that because he’s not a Catholic?? He’s down to 32% in tonight’s poll. But I’m not sure that that makes him a pagan. Now he is down 17% with the white evangelical.
[/quote] His God is himself but I really don’t think you know what a Pagan is. White angelical -71% where sold with the only message scum bag had , hatred.


I’ll indulge this one more time … Care to explain that statement and those features of Trump that denote hatred?


I don’t hate you… My mother raised me to be very careful with the use of the word hate because it denotes a very strong vile dislike of someone… I don’t know you. This is the problem here. You came on this forum ranting that everyone here was a dumbass and scum. You show absolutely no respect for anyone here or why they believe the things they do while at the same time you have articulated very little in the way of detail about why you continually repeat the same rather bigoted lines.

Over and over again the mantra, not only from you but from progressives of all stripes is that we need government to solve all of our problems. Of course that is the easy solution for some. Those who believe in personal responsibility and merit based reward see the problem of wildly unequal wealth distribution, unemployment, many root causes of poverty and access to affordable healthcare as a direct result of the kind of government you would like to see ‘imposed’ on every citizen of this country. Trump is an imperfect instrument, I will not deny that, but he is the only one with the courage to talk down the political correctness that kills dialogue… he is the only one, perhaps other than Cruz, that says that if you are an American citizen and you are standing in line for food or work, people from other countries don’t get to cut in line and if you are from another country and want to come here, you must get in line… thats not hatred… that is, at the end of the day protecting you… And is he really ‘supporting’ white supremacy by saying that black supremacists operate in this country as well or is he saying that it is time to stop the non sense where ever it exists? Imperfect as he is, few have actually pronounced in detail just what those words - hateful and bigoted and mean actually signify with respect to Donald Trump and to the deplorables who voted for him.

I asked you above to articulate what specifically Donald Trump has done that is so ‘hateful’… I hope you respond intelligently and without the arm waving. I think that @patriot will agree that we need diverse opinion on this forum… but just shouting people down or in the case of of others, just goading people into responding angrily to them does nothing but get negative comments in return and at the end of the day doesn’t advance discussion.


You fucking nitwits have NO values , no God , no moral , no common sense !!! :roll_eyes:


Bullshit your doing it here , right now ,who cares what you think of me , or think of what I do or anything about me. This is about You shitting on the first amendment while you bow down to what you think is the second amendment , your make believe unsupported idea what the second is while showing total ignorance of the first. The courts have decided on the first and what your selling as being unconstitutional is clearly defined by the court as constitutional. While you opinion on the second is generally make believe and generally unsupported by the courts,. I’m not interested nor do I care what the enemy of my country thinks about me ,why would I. They are the enemy , you are the enemy. I won’t let you destroy my country.


Lets look at that , Chauvinism, Islamophobia, bigotry, anti government our government. Thinks that the white supremacist , the KKK and the Nazi , who all support him are good guy. Grabbing women by the pussy , saying that it is OK to call his daughter a piece of ass , raped his previous wife. Insults Gold star family, Insults military heroes. He has blamed and insulted the women who have been abused and totally verbally totally supported the scum bags. He court’s anti LGBT hate groups. Said Mexicans that come to this country are Criminal and Rapist. I can go on all day long , Let’s do it this way instead , I say scum bag is a total scum bag and he is a pile of shit , now argue that point. YOu can’t, none of you can because you know dam well I can come up with a hundred videos and quotes of scum bag, in his own words, proving he is a scum bag and a piece of shit. Your a fricken joke.


Wow man. That was an intense rant.

So you don’t like President Trump. That’s very clear to me now.

But do you think he is selling you out? If so, to whom.


Maybe he should give all of the gains in his retirement account that he’s made since Trump took office to his precious illegals and welfare leaches.

Bet that won’t happen :rofl:




With respect to the first amendment just what to hell am I doing? I’m not stopping you from saying anything you want but just as the ‘Constitution’ allows you free speech, it also allows me to have an opinion about your obnoxious delivery. Perhaps I miss understand your point here so please clarify.

As far as the second… why don’t you provide a Supreme Court ruling that supports your contention.


Auh, the liberal left… they do like to sling around words but have little to back it up except twisted connections.

When did he ever support the actions and activities of White Supremacists? … only a direct quote will do.

When the 1964 Civil Rights Act was put into law, many people not only in the south objected to a couple of provisions that ended free association. Of course the left pounced on that and declared everyone a racist. It had nothing to do with race. That of course isn’t to say that their weren’t racists who objected as well.

He courts LGBT ‘hate’ groups?.. Hate is such a strong word… I don’t believe that elevating the gay lifestyle to that of a society supporting pro creation concept of what is now called a ‘traditional’ nuclear family is healthy of a society in the long term. It has been tried before in past history and hasn’t worked out well. Having said that, I don’t believe the right has a case to block ‘gay’s’ receiving the same treatment from government as any other couple… I think government should get out of the ‘marriage’ business and just stick to the contract arbitrator it was designed to be.

You didn’t write what he ACTUALLY said… everything has context and the left love to conveniently for get that.

By the way, as a point of clearity … Speaking ill of Mexicans is not ‘Racist’… Mexican happens to be a nationality … but of course LaRaza thinks it is… as a matter of fact the think it is THE race.

Of course I can’t dispute that you have a stupid uncouth opinion…

That sexual bit… It harkens back to the old phrase… People in glass houses …? Of all the lefties outted of late… i bet that they have said, believe and have actually done much, much worse…

Oh yeah… that bit about the Gold Star family… Hillary put them on stage at the Democratic Convention… Anyone who gets on that stage leaves themselves open for critique…especially after they tried to do a hatchet job on him. If you want to get on your soapbox, be prepared to have someone call you out on what you say.


So your opposed to what scum bag says about the NFL and in no way support what your hate party wants with the NFL. You’re just wasting my time putting up shit that says nothing about the thread and everything about me, I asked you , If you thought I had the right to hate the biggest threat and enemy of this country.
Show me where I said anything about all mexicans.
You asked for added information , I’ll comply after you have complied to my requests for support of your bullshit.
There’s no way you can white wash the scum level of your hero, President scum bag and how scumful and full of hate the voters had to be to elect that pile of shit. He is you and you are him.
If you don’t respond with anything other then you hate me and you think I’m dumb ,I’ll pull the plug on you, there must be a ignore list around here someplace. I don’t have time for your nothing. You’re just another typical right winger with nothing but excuses and lies for your disastrous party and president.


Scum bags stock market



Thanks for giving us so much salt in this thread. It’s truly a gift during this wonderful Christmas season. I really enjoy basking in liberal tears after 8 years of dealing with your Kenyan king. So wonderful. Thank you.




Bigot. No tears, just joy, watching the destruction of your scum bag, closer and closer every day , love it.


Right Here Dipwad…

The president has every right and in fact under the term used by Theodore Roosevelt, The bully pullpit, he is using it wisely…

So you support my contention that Title’s II and VII of the 1964 civil rights act should be repeals as grossly unconstitutional … That is business should have the right to run themselves in any manner they chose and it is customers and employees that will ultimately decide if that business prevails… In this situation, I side with the customer who no longer choose to participate.

You have the right to … dislike, oppose, hate anyone you chose and I suppose you can even display your displeasure in the ignorant way that you have on this forum.

I tried and you are still the second grader that is always stat in the principles office because you just don’t know how to act in public…

No need to reply… I’m done…




God ! You sound like my wife… so you deserve this

Yes Dear :grin:


[quote=“Scott, post:157, topic:5743”]
You have the right to … dislike, oppose, hate anyone you chose and I suppose you can even display your displeasure in the ignorant way that you have on this forum.

I tried and you are still the second grader that is always stat in the principles office because you just don’t know how to act in public…

No need to reply… I’m done…
[/quote]Its easy to hate you Bigots , your so God dam ugly that it is just second nature to puke on low lives that make up the hate party. Well thank you for saying I don’t have to respond, I know that, but it’s always nice to have the last shot when your dealing with the scum that populates the right these days. Nazi’s ,KKK ,white supremicists, bigots, chauvenist , Islamophobia , haters of all shapes that make up the hate party.