I Guess The NFL Has Made Its Position Clear... SJW's Are Now Their Bread & Butter


I think we should stop replying to this thread all together. There is enough said about the dying nfl, really.


There was a shooting of an unarmed man the other day by the police… You didn’t hear about it, you say?.. Well, thats because he was white silly…


hay loudmouth , you just finished, saying you were done. Two mind boggling quotes later you puke out more hate and nonsense.


This is easy for anyone from the top of the hate party, hell they will tell their hate puppets to stick their heads in their toilets to protest the left , all you will hear is yes master and you will be able to walk around your neighborhood and see all the hate puppets with their heads in their toilets. After this your rulers and controllers get together and make fun out of you weak brained puppets


Given that you appear to be rather shallow on vocabulary and slow on the up take… I’m done talking to you… this is my thread after all… give someone a road map and they will try to make a sandwich out of it…


Where’s the tolerance you filthy fascist scumbag liberal?

Everything you’re saying is a lie. Your religion is hating America. You are just globalist scum that is intimidated by us. We know the truth. We’re at war with the globalists who are establishing a corporate world government that’s tax exempt. Just like the good little globalist vampire that you are, you want to see the destruction of the family, the elimination of private property, open borders, and even the destruction of single-family dwellings because you want everyone to be under surveillance. You’re in the cult. You’re the threat to America. You are who were at war with you traitorous little rat. What a piece of filth. This Is war. You bet it’s war. It’s the American people against YOU! You globalist outlier. You are losing the war with us. We’re restoring our Republic. We’re going to be a Sovereign Nation again, dirtbag. We’re going to bring our jobs back. We’re going to restore the Second Amendment, dirtbag. We’re going to restore the borders, traitor. Enemy. Bloodsucker. Parasite. Arrogant pseudo-intellectual know-it-all. You with your little pseudo-intellectual chicken neck. You think you’re better than me and my family and others that built this damn thing? We’re going to metaphorically stomp your ass into the ground. You little communist piece of trash. From the start everything you said, all of it, LIES. Everything you’re saying is about you, and you know it.


Wow, that’s freaking hilarious. Oh, and it doesn’t end the way you think.


You already said, comments back, that it was the end , that you were done with me. Could you please stick to that. Your wasting bandwidth. You haven’t said anything to me that means anything , other then the silliness that you don’t like me and you think I’m dumb- so who is the dumb one responding with nothing, to all my posts.


You don’t want me to respond to you then stay to hell off my threads…


Now are you jumping up and down and going bright red in the face when you write that. Now how can anyone say, by what I wrote, that there is anything in his last comment that is true. It was the other way around , he said he wasn’t going to respond to me but continued to respond to me even after I pointed out that point. Poor scott gets so confused when he is boiling under the collar. I think I’ll stay, I’m having fun.


As your options are limited.



2017’s 9.7% drop follows 8% decline of previous year

NFL television ratings fell 9.7 percent during the 2017 regular season, according to numbers registered by Nielsen

A typical game was watched by 1.6 million fewer people this season as compared to last season (14.9 million versus 16.5 million)

The drop comes after the NFL had hoped to stem an 8 percent ratings slide from last season

Last year’s slide was partially attributed to a lost audience due to the presidential election

This year, the NFL was challenged with fans upset at players protesting during the national anthem

Other factors cited include the oversaturation of the product through Thursday Night Football

Source: http://archive.is/fQpzP


The NFL certainly seems to be in a self destruct mod.