I guess they already practice Sharia in Mexico (Warning: Very Explict)


Alleged Drug Thieves Suffer Street Amputations in Mexico

Mexican authorities are working to uncover who kidnapped six men and one woman and severed their hands, sending a message to pickpockets and thieves.
The gory mutilations took place on Monday in the Mexican city of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, where according authorities, the victims had been kidnapped from various parts of the city.

Authorities with the Jalisco government have revealed that they arrested two members of a drug trafficking group who are suspected to have been behind the gruesome crimes. All of the victims had a criminal history that included street level drug trafficking, armed robbery, and theft. The current working theory points to the victims having not paid their drug suppliers.

The unknown suspects wrote on the arms and faces of their victims the word “thieves” and then severed their hands. The assailants placed makeshift tourniquets on the victims’ arms to control the bleeding. Near the crime scene, authorities discovered two plastic bags with the severed hands inside.

One of the amputees did not survive. Next to the body of the victim, who has since been identified as 39-year-old Rafael Jimenez, the attacker left behind a poster with a message in a manner similar to the narco-messages seen in border states.

The message was signed by the “Elite Anti-Thieves Group” and revealed that the severing of the hands had been done to known individuals who worked in stealing cars, motorcycles, and in picking pockets.

The lone female amputee was identified as 44-year-old Araceli Hinojosa Ponce. According to authorities, the woman was still in shock and could not recall what had happened before she lost her hands.

Warning - Very Graphic


Remember this story when we hear about open borders or an Americas Union from globalists. This is exactly why sovereignty is important along with strong borders and empowered law enforcement.

@3percenter nailed it in this post the other day

They Are Openly Saying It - Multiculturalism Means Replacing Whites


I’ll be honest, I actually don’t feel bad for these people at all. In fact, this is exactly why we need to enforce our immigration laws RIGHT NOW. Chances are high that these criminal maniacs are already here in the United States and its only a matter of time before we see this level of brutality on our street.


This is shocking… But not that shocking. Thanks for showing another example of why we need to get control of our borders. And for everyone who wants to reply with the usual “oh we have criminals here too” I’ll ask why import more? And actually, we don’t have many criminals like that.


@Annie98332 @Tyfoon you guys are both correct. It’s terrible to see this level of rampant violence, but it is not surprise in any way. What makes this situation even more sad is that if Hillary gets in and we start seeing atrocities like this happening in America, we won’t be surprised either. We can’t allow that to happen.