I stopped going to the gym because of Trump. Now I can't open jars


I was going to give you one of my rather sharp rebukes but I thought I would let it play out because other posts suggested you weren’t quite the way you comment made you look


I too let it slide. It pays to read an entire link…down to the bottom where often the author is identified.

I liked his contrition upon discovering his error.


Ill be your Brigid Delaney if you want me to be, for 1 week.


LOL no, we’re good. Now I’m the one chuckling at myself. Within 3 days of joining I find one of the most astute members here and FLAME HER! Jeebus Cripes! I am about to go off the grid for 11 days…this is probably a good thing. Thanks for letting me keep my head everybody! See you soon.


This is a forgiving place.


Spoken from an echo chamber… now that’s rich there…


There are Liberals in here. Your words don’t sound like an echo to me. Too bad there’s no content in what you are saying right now. that’s a missed opportunity.


A couple or three. But not just righties, Trumpers are the predominant here…


Then I’ll say"OH MA GA! MAGA-NIFICENT !! " and call it a day.


The left that have registered on this forum are many but they do not interact in normal discussion… the do as I have previously described as ‘hit and run’ posting… They come on as a group to support a thread that they start and then refuse to answer the rebuttal… likely because they can’t.


I’ve seen plenty of liberals here but they hunt in packs. They rarely ever venture into a thread alone. They wait for one person to post and then they all pile in. You see the same everywhere now. It’s rampant on Facebook and Twitter. They have managed to isolate themselves to the point that they won’t leave the protection of the hive without a swarm. I don’t see that from the right.




The Lounge is for taking a break from all of the other categories! Get to know one another, share stories, post photos, videos, and whatever else you’d like right here.


Ok, I have the same complaint about the few liberals that post here. I don’t know where you lump me in at. But I’m not in that group, I’m here regularly.


er meh gerd! and er meh gerd again! (to make the minimum):flushed:

(edit: LOL I just got my “first emoji” badge…do we want badges? - do we have badges? We don’t need…shit I forgot the rest.)