I think the voting age should be changed to like... 40


OK, maybe 35, tops

I mean, geez, a lot of young people are socialists!

and they can’t even define what that word means!


give them a few years to edjumacate themelves… :slight_smile:


I’d say 21… kids are so immature these days.


Imagine if a person had to pass a government test before they are registered to vote.



another good idea… which I myself had yrs ago… but no one listens to people like me

heck, i don’t think people listen to anyone, to speak of… unless there’s some $$$ involved… LOL


I agree there should be a COMPETENCY test along with an examination to see if there is any CRANIAL ACTIVITY .


But that would exclude the dead.



but isn’t their “cranal activity” when people are doing mindless things as well?

things like: listening to Dems on the news and such…

things like eating? I mean you are sitting there eating (hopefully not doing the above) and your thoughts are all over the universe… unless you have an extreme dem activist at the table… in which case, you are probably thinking just one simple thought

Get me outa here





that’s about right!



the end of the Dem party!!!



Young voters wanting to fit in with the “in” crowd.



well, the Dems aren’t pro life, so what do they care if a voter falls off the cliff? (yes, I know… the cliff is metaphoric.)

But in any case, I rest my case… vis a vis Why everyone should always vote Pro life!


There is a SEVERE lack of CRANIAL ACTIVITY when pols like Mad Maxine, Fakeahontas and Crazy Chuck Schumer are repeatedly reelected. Just like you only get what you pay for, you only get what you VOTE for !!!


Voting should be stopped at 40. If you are not going to have to suffer through the mess you help create, you shouldn’t get a say.


We’d have a much better educated and informed electorate.

Add to that the elimination of straight party voting and institution of all ballots be fill in the blank insteadof multiplechoice T/F.


This is a better idea than what I read Washington DC is considering, lowering voting age to 16.


I think the voting age should be changed to like…16.


yeh, for sure… except for this one thing you say

it isn’t Crazy Chuck Schumer

it’s Crazy, crying, lying Chuck Schumer


People at 16 are so mature and able to critically think about candidates and how they will impact the nation.

Not even close.


That right there shows why it should not.