I think the voting age should be changed to like... 40


So people quit working after 40 or just die???


that doesn’t make much sense. You vote for someone else, and that person is responsible for chngning things or not


When someone posts ridiculous statements like he did, they demonstrate that they are too young and immature to be trusted with the vote. :wink:


I’d say the voting age best be put to age 21, and perhaps with exception to younger individuals working full-time and paying taxes.

I see your point, but if they’re still naive in their late teens/early adulthood chances are they won’t be changing anytime soon.


Too many kids voted here in Texas. They bought Beto’s lies. Almost cost Cruz the election.



An article on the human brain and decision making.

I would put the voting age at 25. Of course if you do that, you have to raise the draft age as well. And probably the drinking age. They are either adults or they are not.


Few people under 30 pay attention to politics unless it’s voting for pot. People vote for the candidate that offers what they want, free healthcare. We are a nation with the 30 second attention span.

We elected Jared Polis a progressive as governor yet voted down every tax increase, every proposal for increased taxes. We tanked single payer in 2016 20% to 80%,


well, there’s a certain truth to what u say but most of us don’t really mature until we are beyond 30


Nope … Since changing the voting age requires an Amendment, all you have to do is make an exception for active and honorably retired military part of that Amendment. If you are 18-24 and don’t join or get drafted, you don’t get to vote. It’s as simple as that.

The drinking age has nothing to do with it. All States already prohibit purchase of alcohol and most prohibit drinking by people who are old enough to vote.


An 18 year-old soldier is no more mature than an 18 year-old college student or roughneck.


That’s not the point. The point is that it resolves the “old enough to die for one’s country” conundrum.


Or even a pencil. … .


What is the average lifespan in the US today?

What other rights are you going to strip people of on the basis of age?


It sets up a military class.


There is already a military class. Active military and Vets are eligible for all sorts of government sponsored benefits and programs that non-military citizens cannot get.


At least one to determine knowledge of such disciplines as geography, American history & civics.

Had one 20 some in my workplace state that “Police in Arizona are racist because Arizona is next to Mexico OR SOMEPLACE LIKE THAT.

:thinking: Mexico is huge & increasingly a portal for illegal immigrants from much smaller countries south of it. Not even sure where Mexico is?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Might want to take some adult ed courses & come back in four more years when you can pass the test.

We require a test to take an oath of U S Citizenship. It’s a Constitutional Amendment that prohibits such a test for an action that has such important results.


ooh… that’s bad. You don’t think the discipline of the military is enough to at least somewhat mature someone?


who cares?

anyone willing to die for his country is always FIRST class anyway


Not at 18 and it isn’t grandpa’s military anymore.


doesn’t matter

can’t ask someone to die for his country and then say He can’t buy a beer