I want to take this President DOWN! WHOS WITH ME!


A left leaning RINO, congratulations.


Please… GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, my friend. Where are you living? Earth? It doesn’t sound like it. How about THIS for logic. Turn that hearing aid UP!!

The car is a dangerous weapon, so what did we do… we got seatbelt! So we could travel safer, and what do you know? The death toll went WAY down. Let’s take that same logical approach to guns and gun safety. I want this a semi- auto free country! We can have handguns for protection though against criminals breaking into our houses!!


It’s not just the car but cell phones that cause the majority of accidents and nothing has been done to end cell phones.


Handguns are semi automatic.

Get it?

A Glock with 15 rounds is more dangerous than a semi auto rifle in a crowd.


but a law was put in place to ban them from being used while driving.


Not in every state. That’s not the case.



Yeah, that should work.


You guys are giving this toon way to much play time…


Work on tobacco , then get back to us ! Tin hat liberals , unbelievable !!! :roll_eyes:


“Assault weapons” are machine guns (fully automatic) and they’re already extremely regulated and unless special conditions apply, illegal for purchase. A semi-automatic rifle such as an AR-15 constitutes a infinitesimally small proportion of all gun deaths in the USA. The vast majority of gun deaths are suicides and behind that, gang violence with illegally obtained weaponry.


Mr.Douche,what was illegal about the election ??? HRC didn’t get the required Electoral Election count,Donald Trump did!!! If you omit COMMIEFORNIA ,Trump would have won the popular vote. Why should a BIZARRO WORLD state like COMMIEFORNIA determine the election???
You Leftists will have another chance in 2020 . How many votes do you believe Keith Ellison and or Kamala Harris will receive from other than the MENTALLY RETARDED . So keep crying in your beer and keep having your temper tantrums .:bomb:


Oh, I’m glad you joined the party FahFahFoohay, you seem to be mistaken, about a great many things… How do want me to dismantle your objections, slowly? Quickly?.. I’ll go quick… for now. AMERICANS didn’t elect DJT, Hillary got MORE votes, I understand that is the way it is done. BUT it is not the voice of the people who get to elect our leader. We must RISE AGAINST this, take my hand Freedom76, I won’t bite, I only kiss. We will run someone better than Keith or Kamala. And even if we don’t win come 2020, eventually we will have PRESIDENT GAVIN NEWSOM taking the sacred oath. PEOPLE GET READY!!!


And the electoral college worked exactly as the founders envisioned preventing the cities from running over the rest of the country. Many like you believe hat tyranny of the majority is great as long as you win. And much to your dislike Americans did elect Trump with the help of a piss poor candidate from the left.

What you like many progressive leftists fail too realize is that the democrats/liberal/progressive left represent is a minority of the people in the US. The rest of the people are non registered or independent voters. They will not support another progressive nightmare from California or anywhere else. Unless of course the media pumps out more lies to support the left.


Firstly, we are a little light on proof of the validity of those 3 million extra votes… seems that it is most generally the blue states that don’t take voter roll integrity very seriously. Secondly just as this is a representative government and not a direct democracy, the rules for electing the president are that same for all entrants… get the most electoral votes… win the election… not that hard… Trump won the election and even waving your arms about those extra votes for Hillary means nothing to me when democratic operatives are on video saying that democrats have been scamming the vote for years…


Mr.Doocy,where is your criticism of the dead rising from the grave to vote (Chicago) or the Mexican woman stealing someone’s identity and voting??? I call myself an INDEPENDENT REPUBLICAN and have split my votes many times.
The Dems are stale like old bread and need to have fresh political policies to compete in the next election. Communist like Keith Ellison and Kamala Harris don’t cut it! Remember we live in a CONSTITUINAL REPUBLIC not a Democracy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The Dems DO have exciting new policies!
High taxes!
Free college for kids to waste six or eight years contemplating what gender they think will get the most re-tweets…
Free medicare for all!- everybody gets to have second rate health care- except of course the lawmakers…
Socialism! Hillary herself has said that she lost because “41% of Democrats are self described socialists” . They want to make all of America as fun as the DMV…
But the most exciting is Reparations! They are murmuring it now, but if they regain control that is part of their agenda. Let me offer some highlights of what that would look like:
Trillions in payments to anyone who is Black or kinda Black… This would require giant increases in taxation,the likes of which the US has never seen. Blacks from 'inter-generational poverty aka ghetto rats who are thieves, squatters or both - will be resettled in every town in the US, so that every place in the country can be ruined. You think I exaggerate? Look up what happened to Palmdale, CA. This will give you a clearer picture of what awaits every nice, well kept town in America.

Bottom line- the Dems have new ideas, just none that are palatable if you are White, or work.


When will people learn that Medicare isn’t free today.

It is a very expensive insurance sold on a per person basis. Image a family of 4 with part D and a supplemental plan.


After Obama’s first being elected President, my brother urged calm and patience, predicting that history will likely show that Obama was the most inept President to ever be elected. IMHO, he was absolutely correct.

Considering what has been exposed in recent years regarding Obama’s corruption and weaponizing of the DOJ, specifically the office of Attorney General (under both Holder and Lynch) and the FBI leadership, and the IRS…Obama will be the (ex) President taken down.


…and Eric Holder, one of the corrupt, Constitution ignoring AGs under Obama, wants to abolish the Electoral College…before the 2020 election. He plans to run against President Trump.

Liberals are against the EC because in most cases where it overruled the popular vote, Republicans won.

Hillary got hundreds of thousands of illegal votes from California and likely as many from other blue states that encourage illegal voting.


We have a better chance of Holder getting the FAST and FURIOUS weapons back before the Electoral College is abolished. :poop: