ICE Goes to Work in Los Angeles: 212 Illegal Aliens Arrested


Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents conducted a massive illegal immigration sweep in Los Angeles, a sanctuary city, on Friday as reported by the Washington Times.

The operation was one of the largest ICE immigration stings in years. In total, ICE arrested 212 illegal aliens, the majority of whom were convicted criminals.

Because the City of Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, it does not honor federal detainer requests or cooperate with ICE agents on deportations of illegal aliens in the city's jails. In order for ICE to make arrests, ICE agents must initiate their own operations and go directly to the locations of the illegal aliens.

According to Thomas Homan, Deputy Director, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, speaking to the Washington Times:

Fewer jail arrests mean more arrests on the street, and that also requires more resources, which is why we are forced to send additional resources to those areas to meet operational needs and officer safety,” Mr. Homan said. “Consistent with our public safety mission, 88 percent of those arrested during this operation were convicted criminals.

Additionally, ICE served 122 businesses with immigration audit notices. These businesses will now have to prove to the government that they were not hiring illegal immigrants to work in any capacity.

According to Dani Bennett, an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, speaking to the Los Angeles Times:

It’s a deterrent to somebody who is thinking about crossing the border, paying a smuggler, and taking that perilous journey. If there isn’t that pull factor or perceived easy employment on the other side, there isn’t that incentive to cross in the first place.

Despite the City of Los Angeles' self-designation as a sanctuary city, employers are still required to follow federal immigration laws when hiring employees. Employers who fail to do so can face significant fines or years in prison, if convicted.

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Not only does California demand to receive federal money from the tax payer, but now the tax payer has to cough up extra money to fund these operations because sanctuary cities don’t feel like cooperating. They should be billed for however much this cost.


Good. This is a win on both fronts. Illegals need to pay the price and these businesses that hire them need to feel the pinch. It stinks that for such a large bust it barely makes a dent in how many of them are here. But they just have to keep chipping away at it.

It sends a strong message. Play time is over.


The message needs to be stronger. California is no longer the place I grew up. It’s filthy, crime-ridden and expensive.


The Dems are counting on amnesty. They aren’t going to budge. They will defend illegals at all costs so when they finally get amnesty they have their voting base locked in.


I agree but California having to deal with the feds doing this no matter what they say is satisfying.


The Mayors and DAs should be arrested for aiding and abetting felonies.There’s two in near by Philadelphia that need to go to.
Are there new job opportunities for bus drivers ??? Lets get the engines warmed up.


Now that sounds like a great plan.

Proves the need for mandatory e-verify


If the Socialists(Dems)Really cared about the poor exploited illegals, they could have done something when they controlled Congress.


Only 24,999,788 to go , it’s a start !!! :roll_eyes:


We need to start seeing stories like this on a weekly basis. Going after the businesses takes away the income from the illegals and is probably a lot easier for ICE to carry out. They should serve these notices to every single business in every sanctuary city in the US. Let the businesses prove that they aren’t hiring illegals.


Once the DNC finds out who was all picked up we’re going to start seeing all of the sob stories about how these “innocent” illegals didn’t do nuffin. Never miss an opportunity to remind them of the facts. These were criminals.


#calexit is on its way. Lets see if i have to patience to see it happen


This could create a new TV show where these poor,profiled , people who breed like Mice or Rats , could tell their stories on national prime time TV. We could bring back Jerry Springer to be the host and give a prize for the best Sob story almost like the old Queen for A Day show. Advertisers would line up to buy commercial spots and pay Super Bowl type rates.
We could have panel of judges like Robert DeZero, Jimmy Drivel, Ashley Dud and Floozie O’Donnell with guest appearances by government loons who support them.