If Ever Their Was Vindication of Trumps Presidency... This Would Be It



“The true truth is that there has been an order from Washington of zero dialogue in Venezuela to make our country explode and allow a foreign invasion,” Maduro told the Cuban audience, claiming Trump is seeking a “coup d’etat” in Venezuela.

Maybe Trump is seeking a coup in Venezuela, maybe not. I think the people of Venezuela would be open to it and if anything we should quietly sneak in some guns to the people living at the mercy of this insane government and let them work things out with their socialist overseers.


Russia might get its hands on Citgo, via Venezuela, and thereby affect U.S. oil supplies - so a coup before that occured would benefit the US.

Ah, the wonders of the labyrinthine complexities of the global world market.


The glory of the Venezuelan socialist utopia continues to prove to the world how wonderful communism is. The country is falling apart…what does their leader do? Run to Cuba to bash Trump and denounce the US.