If Not For God, I’d Have Killed You Years Ago


I was having a conversation with my son-in-law (at the time) about God. He told me God had never done anything for him. I replied that indeed He had, that God had kept him alive. He gave me a questioning look and I continued, “If not for God, I’d have killed you years ago,” and he knew I meant it. He had not been good to my daughter and I was not happy with him.

There are two forces at work in the world, good and evil. Each of us has to make a choice daily as to which road we will take. Sometimes the choice is easy, and other times it is not. Sometimes we make the right choice and sometimes we do not. Things are made more difficult when we do not receive praise or reward for making the right choices or we do not receive punishment or consequences for making the wrong choice.

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I can think of quite a few people that God and the Law kept alive.


I agree with your perspective. Great post. I would like to see the people of the US place a higher emphasis on Christianity and Christian values in all that we do. I differ with you in one way though. The necessary use of force. The invasion of our country by those who seek to do us harm can no longer be tolerated with a turn of the cheek. Christ was known to flip tables and cast a whip to drive people out of the places they should not be.


I have no problem with force, I am prepared for anything, and then some.


Progressives for the most part cannot fathom the idea of God, so to them control must come from government. Progressives are not against making life and death choices for others using eugenics, abortion and other population control measures – thus they further the idea of taking the place of the Creator.

Maybe they can’t fathom the idea of God as you or I understand, but they do seem to understand what power is and the type of power that only God should have. For progressives, the voice of God is government and it shall be obeyed.


I like the way you write. I visited your website and find a lot of good subject matter to get one’s head around. How long have you been writing?

I quit liked your I DROVE AN 18 WHEELER 200 MPH article and that was after I had read your bio… :+1:


Thanks, I started writing a couple of years ago. I appreciate the input. I just found this site today. I found it ironic that after posting a few things I was blocked from posting again until tomorrow.


I can fix that - I try to keep this place spam free and am usually successful at it :wink:



Today Facebook blocked months of history and quote of the day as spam…just all of a sudden. How do you define spam so I will know to avoid it? I sell nothing and I receive no compensation.


I’ll send you a direct message so spammers don’t know my recipe.


I just printed this out and shared it with my lovely Bernie Sanders loving daughter and her pothead boyfriend. I just handed them each a copy and walked away.


You don’t call him ‘meathead’ do you? :grin:


I call him a lot worse than that just not to his face because I love my daughter. She knows exactly how I feel. My wife isn’t helping anything because she’s getting into all this new age stuff now and goes on an on about the healing power of cannabis. I’m alone in this world.


WOW , that a load to deal with , I feel for you . I often wonder why most women gravitate towards bums and attempt to fix the unfixable . I guess it’s the mothering effect . Good luck !


It might be an easy fix. @Joe show your daughter your most recent pay stub. Highlight net and gross. Then ask her to figure out where all the money went.


Maybe once she finishes school and gets a good paying job she can look at her own paycheck :smile:

As for me, I run two small business and make as many cash transactions as possible. It helps with that difference between gross and net if you catch my drift.