If One Were A Conspiracy Theorist and


You Read The Article From the Highly Celebrated and Very Accurate NYTimes (Right @FiredUpDem)

And added it to the information in this data piece:

And then looked at the date window when all of these things occurred. One just has to ask… What Happened During This Time Frame… And More Importantly… Why?


China killing CIA informants:

  • Obama appoints Clinton as Secretary of State in 2009
  • Clinton used her private server for her Secretary of State emails
  • China finds and hacks into this server
  • Obama sends the Presidential Daily Briefing to Secretary of State
  • Chinese read the Presidential Daily Briefing every day


Intelligence breach on Obama’s watch leading to execution or imprisonment of about a dozen US spies in China.

Media silence.


And I’m going to bet that Obama did absolutely nothing to help them. He will be on record as the most notorious traitor the U.S. has ever seen!


China assassinates our intelligence assets in the PRC…as unfortunate as that is, we then turn around and invite tens of thousands of Chinese into our engineering and science programs, then give them jobs at top American companies where they gain know-how and take it back. The Chinese don’t need “spies” here. We open the door for them.


Do you think that Obama or Clinton’s actions led directly to the death of these agents? Maybe they re-used their body parts when the Chinese sold them back to US hospitals on the black market?


Any of these assets on Weiner’ s computer? Inquiring minds would like to know.

If so Hillary, Huma, and Carlos belong in prison.