If republicans have a red wave what legislation would you like to see passed!? Here is mine


We are closer to November 6th!
Trump is on a a path to deliver freedom back to America.
11 states in 8 days the man is in his 70’s!
He’s incredible!

Here is what I want to see!

  1. Merit based immigration. ( zero entitlements for 20 years )
  2. English is our national language
  3. Free African Americans in cites run by democrats who are sitting in jail for GUN POSSESSION!
  4. Hate speech law taken away.
  5. Voting age to 21!
  6. Personally I’d think we should vet democrat bad intentions and put the bad ones in interment camps. Until they can find a country that will take them.


Thanks T …


I won’t get any of these but this is what I want.

  1. Borders closed
  2. Immigration stopped
  3. Deportation of all illegals
  4. VA fixed for good
  5. Mandatory conscription for any able bodied person on welfare.


i want the people on gov subsistance to be given a job
instead of money

but I am not sure how that would be done. All i know is that it can be done


now don’t think to hard today


My Xmas list:
A complete reduction of the unnecessary government agencies.
A REAL Health Care Bill
Common Sense Immigration Laws
Reduce Medicare Fraud
Entitlements for those who NEED it
More Taxcuts
More pressure ( sanctions if needed ) on countries that send theur people here as illegals.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::



Build a respectable Southern Border - Wall, tech, No-go zone… any or all. Fix the immigration pipeline and put a frikken VALVE on it.


A return to the authorized federal government per the Constitution.
Every expenditure begins with its Constitutional authorization.
Simple immigration law based on America needs and merit of applicants. Sponsorship and assimilation. Visa for education and employment through state approval.
Removal of all agencies and regulations that violate the 9th and 10th Amendments.


This is one of my issues with the conservative movement, the whole get off welfare & get a job. Many on welfare DO work—it just isn’t enough to support their families. Day care vouchers actually help some who can’t afford this (often those parenting solo) to work so they’re not on taxpayer sponsored benefits for everything else.


I’d like to see doctors given the freedom to consult with patients on pain management & prescribe what they see fit, & yes, that includes opioids.

I’d like to see duplicate welfare programs (for example WIC) & lifetime alimony eliminated.

I’d like to see the paperwork trail returned as far as Unemployment Insurance & more accountability. No one should feel free to live off their former employer’s dime if ANY jobs are available.


I would like certain things to be outlawed

like being a Democrat :slight_smile:

  • Abortion outlawed- or at least, term limits put on abortion. I would like to see abortion be illegal when gestation is >10 weeks.

  • Tax cuts- I want tax cuts for everyone, and a new federal tax code to be published.

  • Obamacare repeal- and replace with Health Insurance Accounts, or something similar to that.

  • Like the OP said, merit-based immigration

  • Better benefits for veterans, and better quality care at the VA. Veterans can wait months on end for healthcare, and it’s been a problem for a while now.

  • Less people in poverty- I think that more job opportunities need to be created, to get people off the streets and into homes. The U.S. has a huge homelessness population (and yet the Democrats want to give illegal immigrants priority over our own citizens who are homeless. The U.S. must take care of its own before extending any kind of hand-outs to those from different nations).

  • Marsy’s Law to pass in all 50 states

  • Better mental health system, the current one is broken beyond repair.

  • Voter ID laws in all 50 states

  • Immigration reform- build the wall, make non-physical barriers as well to discourage illegal border crossings, and make people do it the right way.

  • De-regulate opioids (a bit), and give doctors some breathing room- This is the Libertarian coming out in me. As of now, the requirements for regulation of opioids and controlled substances includes much paperwork/forms, and that the patient come back every 7 days for a refill. That’s not going to work with people who have had major surgery, for example, and need pain pills for short-term pain during recovery. Although I will admit it takes only 5 days to get addicted to opioids. Therefore, I think that that refills should be required every month, and a careful physical and mental evaluation should take place upon the return visits for refills.

  • (Some) regulation of big pharma- medicine is extremely expensive. It has gotten to the point where one manufacturer locally got arrested and lost the court case because they were charging way too much for a medication (I don’t remember the company, but I believe the medication was an anti-psychotic). Therefore, I’d like a law passed that puts a ceiling on how much a manufacturer can charge for a medication. I don’t want any other kind of new regulations added, except for this one. That’s it. That’s all I’m asking.

And finally, most importantly:

  • People waking up and realizing that the government is duping them, that socialism isn’t the answer.


i agree w/ a lot of this but whwat is Marsy’s law?


Guarantees crime victim’s rights, basically. Which includes allowing the victim to choose their own counsel, instead of the prosecutor. A Bill of Rights for crime victims.