If the FISA memo is nothing, The Left, you have nothing to hide


I disagree that the regulations he’s upending are necessarily pork barrel. I do believe that there have been onerous regulations that provided no benefit to society, and no problem with that. But the president never was and never is specific about what kinds of regulations he opposes. Then you find out that he’s reversing rules that prevented industry from polluting waterways.


That’s the sort of thing you have to site in a credible way in order to make a point. That’s a direct accusation.


Yes it is and it was cited over the weekend. But here you go again.

  1. Revoked a rule that prevented coal companies from dumping mining debris into local streams
    The coal industry said the rule was overly burdensome, calling it part of a “war on coal.” In February last year, Congress passed a bill revoking the rule, which Mr. Trump signed into law.


Good god man, this one is easily found on Wikipedia for f’s suck. :
"Effects of revocation

Subsequent to the revocation of the Stream Protection Rule by the Trump administration, many scientists, when interviewed, said that it would have had an insignificant impact on the activities of coal companies.[28]

Moreover, the US energy industry had generally reduced its use of coal in favor of cheaper natural gas and to a lesser extent renewables, and analysts said that even if the Stream Protection Rule had made coal more expensive for them, it would not have had much of an effect on the industry; its revocation meant little to them as well.[29]

The revocation of these regulations left unclear what regulation would be used to implement the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.[30]"

You must do better.


So Trump found some scientists that said that dumping coal mining waste into streams would have little effect on streams. He found a couple scientists that agree with him the GCC is a Chinese hoax. Hell, if it doesn’t originate with the TIC, it’s a hoax. You must do better.


Yeah b/c Trump found some agreeable scientists and wrote that Wikipedia article to trick us! :rofl::joy::rofl:

Get your head checked. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I didn’t say that. What do YOU have to say about the TIC’s claim that GCC is a Chinese hoax. :joy::joy::joy:


Well if the narrative fits the results why not ? Its no more a stretch then most lib dogma .
“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,”


Prove IT!!! Prove that the fat TIC is right and GCC is a big Chinese hoax!!


Whether the Chinese thought it up or it was just globalist seeking yet another way to reorder their fefdom, once the chinise found that they could bleed wealth from other nations as a ‘poor developing nation’ they were most defiantely on board… now if they had to actually pay out or damage the growth of their middle class, the would turn on climate change in a heartbeat.

Wherer Climate Change (other than the normal variance that occurs over time) is real or not is becoming increasingly debatable… far to much fraud with the base data… Between feeding models bad data and bias in designing the models, what kind of results would we expect to see…


That makes no sense whatsoever. Was it created BY or FOR the Chinese? If by the Chinese, prove it, if for the Chinese, to what benefit for the creators, and how is it that climate scientists the world over (you know, people that actually study climate) have a near consensus on the matter.


I don’t have to prove it I’m debating using your standards !
Hey how does it feel to debate someone who post his opinions as facts ? Yawn Yawn !!!


If the Chinese “GCC hoax” is just your opinion, you should have stated so earlier and I’d have let you off the hook earlier.


What hook everyone of your post are opinionated and are baseless for the most part ! Yawn


Why do you pay sooooo much attention to opinion then. You and a half dozen others here spend most of your posts directed at me doing damage control for your fragile echo chamber because you’ve got to keep the house of cards upright.


You know I recently watched several videos on YouTube that were talking about how so much of the excess carbon in the air can be solved by proper soil, plant, and tree practices. The soil is the planet’s natural carbon sponge, and it’s really not hard to put it back. And through deforestation, well we’ve got a lot of trees to put back.

Having said that, if the apocalyptic climate predictions are correct, it’s irreversible, and we’re already dead. So it’s pointless debating if you believe the predictions.


I am firm in what I believe I know my facts and always eager to broaden my knowledge base !
I am a shooter none of the crap you or any of the other anti gunners can say that I know of what I speak !
I know of no mass shooting happening in a intercity school in Chicago why is that school security is the answer in Chicago and every where else !

This past Fathers’ Day weekend marked the official beginning of summer. Yesterday was the last day of classes for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and today is the first day of summer break for students. For the city of Chicago, that means 14 people were killed and 43 wounded in the last 4 days, totaling 300 homicides this year – 98 more than this time last year. Much like the United States, there’s a micro-mass shooting in Chicago every weekend this time of year. Here’s why:http://thesaltcollective.org/theres-mass-shooting-chicago-every-weekend-heres/

We do a much better job guarding court houses then our schools and judges have been known to carry on top of all the court house security !
The Columbine High School shooting occurred on April 20, 1999 .
School Districts have done little to hamper the next mad man from just walking in to the next school and do what they want to the students and teachers !


A contradictory statement if I ever saw one.


Knowing ones facts is in no way contradictory to having an open mind to an actual compelling argument or new information… only a progressive can shift so easily away from one belief to another…


I’m not an anti gunner. But I supported the 1994 assault rifle ban and so did the TIC.