If the FISA memo is nothing, The Left, you have nothing to hide


I have to give it to you… your hope for the removal of Trump is boundless…


Actually, good news comes from rt, Al Jazeera, etc., but some propaganda comes along with it too, if one is astute it can be separated. The same can be said of Fox and CNN News.


Step by step… e-mail by text message, we are getting closer to the truth… Some people won’t like it… Some people won’t accept it any better than they did the results of the 2016 election…

The message, from Page to Strzok, was among thousands of texts between the lovers reviewed by Fox News. The pair both worked at one point for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016, about prepping Comey because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” According to a newly released Senate report, this text raises questions about Obama’s personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.

I thought this was an interesting e-mail… I mean if carter page’s appearant unwitting meetings with russians which appeartely ended after he was told by the FBI that he was talking with Russian Agents, is enough to make him enough of a suspect to get a warrant, then this should be well within the bounds of someone who knew what they were doing.

Fox News also obtained texts written by Strzok in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s presidential victory. “OMG THIS IS F***ING TERRIFYING,” he wrote to his paramour. “Omg, I am so depressed.” A week or so later Page wrote, “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.”


Innocent people don’t try to move heaven and earth to quash an investigation into their innocence.

Every single member of Donald Trump’s senior staff had some reason to lie about contacts with Russian spies.

Whenever it comes up, we all have to say, “Innocent doesn’t look like this. This looks like guilty.”

And we have to say it to those people over there, and we have to say it loudly and clearly enough to cause some suicides.


This manchild and his whole administration is one big guilty complicit lying POS. From the top to the bottom, they had denigrated the office of the WH, broke any and all rules of law and about every norm we associate with the WH. When we have had at least two top people in the WH, Jared Kushner and for over a year now that do not even have security clearances and yet able to receive and review the top security information, we see the republican party completely AWOL! The party of law and order don’t you know’ This is so much BS that and so dangerous to the security of our nation I cannot believe this is happening. This is an open invitation to the Russians and Putin to keep disrupting and influencing out future elections right from the WH of the US. If this is not disturbing to the damned republican party, what would be? Our nation is wide open to all kinds of infiltration and disruption and interference by outside sources and we go forward as though nothing is wrong or that we can do nothing. What the hell has gone wrong with the republican party that this does not seem to bother them? Of course, I do no know it the President himself has to pass a security clearance , because there is not damned way DT could pass one!


That was an excellent recap of the lawless Obama years.


Of course they do. You can believe that Trump is a scoundrel… fair enough, but the fact is, Trump, his administration and the executive branch of our government has been held hostage to this narrative far and away from any ‘investigation’. He is tried daily in the press on innuendo, speculation and made up stuff. @Montecresto1 regurgitates adnausium that we need to ‘wait for Mueller’s findings’… fair enough, but we aren’t waiting are we?.. the press isn’t leaving the narrative alone is it? They and you guys replay that same old tire and up to this date, false claims that this or that is bad and actually avoid the real issues that we are being addressed by Trump. You may not like his solutions but enough people did to give him an electoral mandate… yes I said mandate. You can wizz and whine that he didn’t play fair… that he lost the popular vote … blah, blah, blah, but the fact is he was elected fair and square to do things you don’t like.

I asked this question before… If it is found that this entire narrative has been cooked up between people who were deliberately placed in the government to force whatever president to continue an objective of one world governance, open borders and unlimited unilateral surrender of our national sovereignty, and the people who have been pushing this have taught you from grade school that it is good to the point of everything else being bad… and further indoctrinated you in college and you found that you had been essentially brainwashed into believing that anyone who goes against this objective is ‘the enemy’… what would you do?

You talk about how things look… every day we find ties between Clinton, the DNC, foreign operative who are in contact with Russian agent and members of government agencies that are working directly with these people to pass around information that has been discredited to, if not get, help in procuring warrants to investigate Americans to a political end. This is beyond dangerous and yet the left want to blow off the MANY question marks that surround the Clinton’s and their interactions not only with our government but with foreign government TO INCLUDE RUSSIA. For some reason the left want to doggedly pursue Trump and could care less about the many things that the Obama administration did that were flat out illegal… Why is that unless is is a partisan indoctrination so deep that you just can’t see the forest for the trees…


This is of course precisely what I said to @gizo. You have made a broad and widesweeping set of allegations about this elected president and the decisions he was elected to make… My question to you is… Got Proof? Or is this, as it has been, long before he was elected, a campaign to smear, discredit and delegitimize a duly elected president and the agenda that he was elected to fulfill.

You take flights of fantasy with the security clearance thing… they had ‘temporary’ clearance. They were cleared by the FBI to do the jobs they were investigated for. In fact, I wish that Rob Porter had stayed on… because as of now, he would be able to get a full clearance because he is NO LONGER A BLACKMAIL RISK. Now that would get your knickers in a knot wouldn’t it.

And… Please spare me the moral indigence that is certain to follow my last comment. Coming from a group who have collectively created situations to ambush and kill police, burn and destroy the lives and livelihoods of people who provide service to towns, beat people who are doing little more than wearing the wrong hat, destroy college campuses because they are so intellectually weak that they can’t stand listening to opinions that differ from themselves and swoon over the an intellectually ‘enlightened’ Hollywood who have not only raped, pillaged and plundered their own young talent but actually called for the assassination of a duly elected president… Sorry… but you have no moral high ground on which to preach…


Correct, and what you’re seeing here from the trumpians, character does not matter. Nearly to a person, the fringe right here supports Rob Porter, and have no problem with a wife beater staying on. Now, with respect to Rob Porter, and unlike so many others accused of abuse, two wives have experienced the same abuse, one of them has produced a photo of herself with a black eye, a Temporary Restraining Order, Protective Order was placed against him and his recent past girlfriend has also claimed she sought support in getting out of her abusive relationship with him. I saw the communications director of the Reagan administration on a Sunday morning show declaring her shock and dismay of the White House handling of Rob Porter, and most notably, Trumps defense of him!!! As a matter of fact, several here have demanded that what he does at home (apparently NO MATTER WHAT THAT IS) has no bearing on his eligibility to work in the White House, if he’s doing that job well…!!! Yep, look back through and see.


So your issue then is a SJW vendetta and not one of national security? I was just pointing out that the issue of national security was resolved when all of this became public knowledge. I do however find the holier than thou attitude of most of the people calling for the heads of people in the White House over certain kinds of moral turpitude down right hypocritical when the top boss in the land stuff cigars up an intern no doubt layed across the resolute desk. The defended him for year and now, all of a sudden society… ‘liberal society’ has decided that the world must play by its new rules and if someone violated these new codes of conduct in years gone past, if and only if it is adventitious to the progressive left, must they be hung from a tree.

Should he have gone… yeah probably but is personal life is not a determining factor of his potential importance at work… It is most certainly a consideration.

Now, if we could show just as much indignation over the many crooks that walked the halls of the Obama administration, I might actually believe that people believe in equality of justice.


There’s a lot of there, there. And Mueller and his team are busy men. 1.5 million documents collected, last I read.


Well I don’t think anything is wrong with the GOP now . To start with there were a few haters that over time have come to the conclusion that President Trump is going to make America great again for all our citizens !
There are a few swamp creatures that sit on our side are never Trump people . Most have decided not to run for reelection .
The piece of shit you refer to just left office . And soon will be shown to be the most corrupt President in our history !
The fact are coming out now and it seems the the only Russian collusion was between the FBI Hillary the justice department and the state department !
All this noise about President Trump and Russia is smoke and mirrors trying to hide the real crime of spying on American citizens and the opposition candidate in a presidential election !


Really now. So you approve of cutting taxes and spending more. Which is worse, Tax and spend or borrow and spend. :roll_eyes:


President Trump didn’t defend Porter , he said that he wanted “Due Process” for him which outside the Clintons is supposed to apply to everyone. The Clintons have a separate Due Process. Evasion of the law supported by their Leftists in DC and the Leftist Press.


You’ve hit truth button number one. I’ve been griping about this since the bucket of shit came down the escalator. If a person is innocent, they will work to get everything out into the light to prove it. Why did the two abusers just resign if they’re innocent? A world-class bully and asshole like this would not be acting this way if he and his cadre of scum had done nothing. They would be taking the evidence that they had done nothing and beating everyone over the head with it daily.

As many have said, once you realize that they didn’t really want or expect to win the election everything becomes very clear. They were having fun, screwing with the country and setting themselves up for future grifting when they accidentally won the presidency.


There is no ‘proof of innocence’, only the absence of incrimination. And we know there’s none of that.


Ok, not sure what the Clinton’s have to do with a wife beater in the Trump White House, but due process should have been followed by the White House. Two former wives disclosed to the FBI that Rob Porter had physically and emotionally abused them, one wife showed the photo of her black eye and the court issued a protective order against him. Both McGhan and Kelly (at least) knew of these problems and DID NOTHING. In fact, not until a British news paper broke this story was the White House forced to do due process and dismiss him. If this was a wrongful termination, then let Rob Porter sue the administration.


You guys are to funny. You love to throw around the hateful platitude and continue with your innuendo but yet you have nothing but venom to spew. As far as being cooperative I would say that if you were in his position listening to the kind of crap that you spew, I would take a defensive approach too. I would seem that their are some in this country who could care less about the truth… impeachment is the goal regardless.

Again, it is your assumption that Trump was ‘just having fun’. It will be interesting to see the Democratic 2020 lineup and consider just how much of a long shot some of them will be… are they serious but not likely or are they just playing around? A lot of the Republican field was a pretty long shot… were they all ‘just having fun’ or did they feel they had something offer however long the shot at winning?

You call him a ‘world class bully’… care to define. Others have called him Hitler yet I am stumped to find similarity in behavior. Until the left can actually get serious about their evaluations of what is happening in this administration, people… LOTS of people will take you less and less seriously.


This of course is only a minor example of the kind of tripe the left comes out with day after day … Not only does it make them look angry… but incredibly ignorant.


Some of your hero idols. And I’m suppose to believe you guys are objective… right :roll_eyes: