If the FISA memo is nothing, The Left, you have nothing to hide


I think the administration is going to address welfare reform and has cut spending on medicare / medicaid in this years budget .


7 trillion, TRILLION is being added to the national debt over ten years by the TIC’s budget. This from the guy who gained your vote promising you he’d pay down the ND. It’s ok, it’s happened to others, learning a lesson is the main point.


I think you are confused ?
Congress approves spending !
In general, funds for federal government programs must be authorized by an “authorizing committee” through enactment of legislation. Then, through subsequent acts by Congress, budget authority is then appropriated by the Appropriations Committee of the House. In principle, committees with jurisdiction to authorize programs make policy decisions, while the Appropriations Committees decide on funding levels, limited to a program’s authorized funding level, though the amount may be any amount less than the limit.

The budget resolutions specify funding levels for the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and their 12 subcommittees, establishing various budget totals, allocations, entitlements, and may include reconciliation instructions to designated House or Senate committees. The appropriations committees start with allocations in the budget resolution and draft appropriations bills, which may be considered in the House after May 15. Once appropriations committees pass their bills, they are considered by the House and Senate. When there is a final budget, the spending available to each appropriations committee for the coming fiscal year is usually provided in the joint explanatory statement included in the conference report. The appropriations committees then allocate that amount among their respective subcommittees, each to allocate the funds they control among the programs within their jurisdiction.[7]

A conference committee is typically required to resolve differences between House and Senate appropriation bills. Once a conference bill has passed both chambers of Congress, it is sent to the President, who may sign the bill or veto it. If he signs, the bill becomes law. Otherwise, Congress must pass another bill to avoid a shutdown of at least part of the federal government.


Did you just learn that today, lol. We have a Republican Congress that is likely to approve the TIC’s spending which is going to add another 7 trillion to our national debt. Just one more way that the TIC has been proven a BIG FAT HYPOCRITE!!!


Wake up President Trump is odd man out in Washington .
The swamp rules and the deep state is entrenched .
What about the other side ?
The largest number comes from calculating how much the debt increased during Obama’s two terms. On January 20, 2009, when he was sworn in, the debt was $10.626 trillion. On January 20, 2017, when he left, it was $19.947 trillion. That’s why most people say Obama added $9 trillion to the debt, more than any other president.
That’s in eight years past tense set in stone not a projection of what may happen in ten years !


Yep, Reagan set the precedent, transformed America into a debtor nation, and most have followed. Reagan TRIPPLED the national debt in eight short years that took 200 years and 38 presidents to accumulate. Bush doubled the national debt, Obama doubled it again. You stated earlier that congress approves spending, as though it was something profound, they all are guilty, a big fat bipartisan effort that has grown an outrageous national debt.


Then you must support our President in draining the swamp ?


We are all to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers including Porter. The Clintons have their own Due Process called Evasion of the truth and payoffs.
President Trump only wants the Judicial System to work properly , without interference. He didn’t make a statement about his guilt or innocence.


I do support the swamp being drained. And it has begun, 34% turnover in his first year in office. That’s more than even Reagan who held the previous record at 17%. Still some to go though. And the security risks associated with three dozen others that can’t seem to get permanent clearance. One of if not the dirtiest, most corrupt administrations in modern history. :roll_eyes:


Yeah, I don’t believe anybody has called for him to go to jail until he’s convicted. He’s not staying in our White House though.


You have the wrong president ?
Under the Obama administration’s watch, the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies from the BATF to the NLRB were illegally used to target and harass the president’s political enemies.

The IRS targeting scandal was the most high-profile of these, but others are just as worrisome. Federal investigations and congressional oversight were obstructed, and investigators were lied to outright — a serious crime. The administration protected the wrongdoers and saw to it that they retired with generous federal pensions rather than serving federal sentences for their crimes.

The Obama administration oversaw the illegal sale of arms to Mexican traffickers for purposes that to this date have not been adequately explained, and those guns have been used to murder American law-enforcement officers.

President Obama’s secretary of state was involved in a high-profile case in which she improperly set up a private e-mail system to evade ordinary governmental oversight; she and her associates routinely misled investigators, obstructed investigations, and hid or destroyed evidence. These are all serious crimes.

The Obama administration made ransom payments to the Iranian government and lied about having done so.

Under the Obama administration, the Secret Service has been a one-agency scandal factory, from drunk agents driving their cars into White House barriers to getting mixed up with hookers in Cartagena.

Obama’s men at the Veterans Administration oversaw a system in which our servicemen lost their lives to bureaucratic incompetence and medical neglect, and then falsified records to cover it up.

Under the flimsiest of national-security pretexts, the Obama administration used the Department of Justice to spy on Fox News reporter James Rosen. It also spied on the Associated Press.

The Obama administration’s attorney general, Eric Holder, left office while being held in contempt of Congress for inhibiting the investigation of other Obama administration scandals.

Having an IRS that sorts nonprofits by their political stances in order to facilitate the harassment of political rivals is in real terms far worse than anything Bill Clinton got up to with Monica Lewinsky, and far worse than the shenanigans that Gordon Liddy and the rest of the Nixon henchmen got up to in the Watergate. The BATF harassment of True the Vote and other Obama-administration enemies is the stuff of which banana republics are made. Using the machinery of the state to seek political power and to aggrandize the political power one holds is the most destructive form of political corruption there is. A sane society would prosecute it the way we prosecute murder or armed robbery. It is a scandal and more than that: It is an assault on the foundations of a free society.http://www.nationalreview.com/article/443911/obamas-many-scandals-abuse-government-power-worse-sex-scandals


Nope, 34% turnover!!! And now the pressure is on Kelly.


I wish I could be a fly on your wall when it gets revealed that Trump didn’t break any laws, is guilty of nothing, and has steadfastly been trying to help the country heal. Not something you’ll ever learn from the MSM of course.

And talking about things there’s a reason for, the DNC is broke, as in no money broke, as in fundraising 100% fail, as in nobody likes you anymore. The 2018 midterms should be hilarious!


There is no pressure on Kelly from the administration ! There is only talk of pressure in the dishonest media .


I’m not the DNC!!! I hate the DNC and the RNC. Nothing would make me happier than to see an independent in the White House and watch the skwirming republicans and democrats set one out. IMO, nothing would get their attention more.


Well at least we can agree on that. Once you get it through your thick skull that Trump is a true patriot, we’ll see eye to eye.


President Trump is as independent as you are going to get .
You have what you want and are to filled with propaganda to realize it .


Glad you left room in their for some serious reflection on the Obama administration… I’m thinking… ‘Top Of The Pops’ (that was a British Music Program kind of like ‘American Band Stand’)… but you get the idea…


No need for personal attacks. Political differences are natural.


Well of course I didn’t mean administration pressure, they aren’t going to hold Kelly responsible for ignoring the fact that his assistant is a wife beater, thank gawd for the MSM that broke this story which resulted in the wife beaters firing. :wink: