If the FISA memo is nothing, The Left, you have nothing to hide


Now that’s a slippery slope… an arm of medicine that has very little scientific grounding to tell the government how is, in their opinion ‘incapable’.


The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard today is you saying that schools aren’t responsible for the student well being while they are in school !
Your ignorance is apparent when you state the most popular fire arm in America today the AR platform that is used every day for hunting sport shooting and home defense has no place in a American citizens home !
We have all that we need in gun control !
Criminal background checks are just that if the data isn’t entered it won’t show up in the check .
In every comment that I have heard about this guy to a person has said that he was a wreck looking for a place to happen .
Not one person interviewed said he was a good at anything but many said if there were to be a school shooting he would be the shooter !


The school is not responsible for protecting students from mass murder. Kindly show me where that can be found. If the threat of mass murder in schools is to be the new norm in America, and schools are to be the ones to defend it, then OBVIOUSLY we will need to redefine things, and the DOE’s budget will need to be GREATLY expanded.


Schools are responsible for anything that happens to their student while they are on the school grounds .
Air raids tornado fire to name a few drills student and teachers practice and a responsible school district would look at armed gunmen drills !
Learn from past shooting and adjust their plans accordingly . Harden entrances and windows to start and metal detectors security guards should be the least that should be done to protected Americas children !

As you are so quick to point out this wasn’t the first school shooting !

So let’s look at a city that knows something about violence !

A city that is roughly 33 percent white, 33 percent black and 33 percent Hispanic offers a public school system of 400,000+ students that is 41 percent black, 44 percent Hispanic and 8 percent white.

It’s a glimpse into the type of demographic the managerial elite of the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) variety hope to replicate across America – of course, their children attend private schools, free from the burden of unruly black children.

  ...metal detectors, which are present throughout CPS high schools, greet students upon entering; folding tables corral students at the main entrance and at informal security “checkpoints” throughout hallways; folding metal gates are pulled across entrances to stairwells and padlocked. There is a constant police presence outside and inside the school.

As two teens recovered from bullet wounds, authorities tried to determine how one of them got a 9 mm handgun past a school's metal detectors and into a science classroom where the gun accidentally discharged.  

 "How the weapon got into the building obviously is a main concern for us," said Michael Vaughn, a spokesman for Chicago Public Schools. Students are required to go through metal detectors at the school's main entrances, he said. School administrators indicated the teen who brought the gun to school arrived later in the school day, Vaughn said.  

But students are supposed to be screened any time they enter the building, he said. School officials planned to interview the students involved and review footage from the school's extensive surveillance camera system, Vaughn said. Additional security measures would be used to help screen students at the building's entrances, he said.

Consider, for example, the security expenditures made by the Chicago pubic school system. Each of the city’s 69 public high schools has a walk-through metal detector that cost between $2,500 and $3,000 to purchase. The Chicago pubic school system also employs 994 full0-time security personnel who each cost the system around $25,000 per year, in addition to 445 off-duty Chicago police officers who work part-time for the schools at an annual cost of around $15,000 and 140 full-time police officers from the Chicago Police Department’s Youth Division who are permanently assigned to the public schools at an annual cost of around $67,000. The Chicago pubic school system thus spends around $41 million each year for school security personnel, in addition to the costs of purchasing and maintaining metal detectors. While some of these preventive measures would stay in place even if gun misuse was eliminated, since knives and box-cutters will still pose a threat to student safety, the level of expenditures would almost surely be lower in a world without gun violence. http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2012/12/life-during-wartime-8-white-chicago.html


Like I said, if you want schools to now staff, train and arm their own swat teams, you must be prepared to vastly increase the DOE’s budget at a time when most of the right would just as soon eliminate the agency.


I don’t know how you fund schools where you live but around here we use property taxes !
Chicago is a good example of large city’s under democratic control needs for school security .
Each school district will have to evaluate there needs for security but a minimum I think would include harden entrances and windows .


Anyway you look at it, taxes must go up if schools are now to be responsible to protect students from mass murder because people insist the second amendment allows people to hold weapons like AR-15’s with 30 round magazines. But I’m pretty sure that federal money would be needed.


The armalite is a semiautomatic shoulder fired magazines fed weapon ! It can be chambered in several calibers from .17 Mach IV to .50 Beowulf it is no more dangerous then any other semiautomatic shoulder fired magazines fed weapon .


There we go… DOE mission creep… what ever were they ever created for in the first place?.. What good have they done for the betterment of our children? I know that have been instrumental in social engineering but beyond that, they are a waste of taxpayer money…


Correct, and all such weapons have no place in civilian hands. Time for them to go.


Why do you say that… what is your reasoning? do they kill more people than a hand gun?.. No… Do they kill more people than cars? No? … do they kill more people than the opiods that cross our southern border with impunity?.. No? Do they (all rifles including bolt action) kill more people that knives?.. No. Do they kill more people than… hammers… No again. Do they kill more people than motorcycle accidents. No again… Are they a protected part of our US Constitution… YES… if you don’t like people to keep and bear arms, get 3/4th of America to agree with you…


MASS MURDERS are committed by these type firearms. Not bolt action 30-06 hunting rifles or home defense hand guns. People talk about American exceptionalism. I’ll tell you what’s uniquely American, children being slaughtered at school year in and year out. It’s despicable, it’s shameful, it’s death by 1000 cuts.


You are wasting my time with your foolish prattle ! Yawn !!!


Then stop talking to me.


Why do they have no place in civilian hands? What is your interpretation of the Second Amendment?


They have no purpose…we outlawed fully automatic rifles in the 30’s and these will be too!


That’s false too. It’s not uniquely American. But the number we have is out of balance: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_shooting#By_continent_and_region


Unlikely. They’re rifles with nice decorations.


No, you’re wrong. What’s uniquely American is that we have white male US citizens murdering our children at their desks. Not terrorist groups. Out of balance, lmao. You guys are really out of touch.


What and give your prattle a front row seat … not a snowballs chance in hell dude… The alternative is that everyone on this site ignores you but then you get the last word with your tripe… the only other thing is to report you into exile but you would run back to your liberal sites and complain about how you were ‘run off’… Some people just refuse to look in the mirror and belly up to their own personality flaws. Yes, Monte… you are deficient in the art of debating… admit that and we are all on our way to a better discussion… but perhaps straight up debate isn’t what you are getting paid to do… Is this a little sideline to your medical billing gig?