If the FISA memo is nothing, The Left, you have nothing to hide


More like WMD’s…


All of them without exception are jacked up on the psychobabble of a rather ill liberal society with no grounding in a moral code…


White male? The most recent FL shooter’s last name is Cruz. And it has turned out to be fake news that he was associated with a Tampa based white nationalist group.

But the truth that has come out is that the FBI had ample warning signs submitted to them about this guy, and they didn’t act. It was so obvious Cruz had even mentioned shooting up a school. The FBI fails Americans again. What do we need them for? Oh wait, we just needed more gun laws and oversight, and then we’d be safe right?


So! And he was adopted, and go look at the video of him shooting his pistol in the back yard shirtless with his MAGA hat on, Lilly white Trump supporter.





Yes, they clearly dropped the ball. Humans aren’t perfect. But they certainly aren’t the only ones that dropped the ball in this event. We don’t hear about everytime the FBI do their job right, unless it’s a pretty big intervention. What’s very twilight zone lately is watching the party of law and order so anti law and order. And the party historically most vocal against Russia, suddenly defending Russia. But why is obvious.


Well… as you say Monte, humans aren’t perfect… and sometimes they get distracted and find themselves so absorbed in backtracking and trying to kill narratives on stories that they seem to have helped perpetuate that the details of real life just seem to pass them by…


Out of touch really ?
Lets consider the facts NOT your talking points handed out by Chuck and Nancy !
Crime and shooting are in decline and have been for decades !
Long guns rifles are used in around 7% of all criminal actives !
Armalite style rifles and hand guns are used for hunting home defense sport shooting and competitive shooting all across the nation ! The Armalite is America’s best-selling rifle, helping gun sales more than double over the past 20 years. An estimated 8 million AR-style rifles are in circulation, with more being sold every day.

The organization considers any event where four or more victims were injured (regardless of death) to be a mass shooting.
In 2015, some 333 mass shootings left 367 people dead and 1,328 injured. The statistics rose in 2016 to 383 mass shootings, 456 deaths, and 1,537 injuries. In 2017, there were 346 mass shootings that led to 437 deaths and 1,802 injuries.

The hypocrisy from the left becomes apparent when we look at Chicago on a national holiday the Forth of July 2017 CHICAGO (Reuters) - A total of 101 people were shot in Chicago over an unusually violent Fourth of July weekend, leaving at least 14 dead, according to police and local media, as the city continues to grapple with gun crime.

The firearm of choice the hand gun we could ask why the left cares so little about the safety of their most loyal voting base intercity citizens of color ?
The answer is politics and a dwindling base .
As bad as these shooting are why doesn’t democratic party face the facts rifles hand guns are a tool the cause is much more difficult to admit .
Fire arms are a polarizing subject and no one who shoots will welcome government intrusion on the second amendment around 43% of American family’s have at least one firearm .
More laws and restriction wont make any difference ! Criminals don’t obey laws !
Mental health is the latest call from all sides but if we just site a citizen mental ill and proclaim they can’t posses a fire arm and ignore the underlining cause of the condition nothing will change !
The cause of this in going to be very hard for every one to come to terms wilt !
In Chicago poverty and lack of any way out of it are the drivers in this bloodletting !
Young men shooting their classmates is troubling for many reasons . They all had access to fire arms but what is the cause of their hate or complete disregard of another’s life .
This is a new behavior go back thirty or forty years this didn’t happen to my knowledge . What has changes in recent history ?
The internet social media video games fatherless families huge schools violent expletive movies drugs .
The answer is in front of us it will be painful to admit that as a people as a society as Americans we let something into our life’s that is affecting and killing our children !
Not the tool it has always been here the cause !


By the biggest purveyor of fake news???


And some of the most heinous as they are almost always the gun of choice when someone wants to commit MASS MURDER, with the highest numbers of casualties.


LOL, I give you a list of mass shootings by continent, and you fall back to the old liberal defense/offense when you’ve lost the argument—Racism! Blame it on white males. Next you call me a racist and paint everyone else with the same brush before you tuck your tail in between your legs and run. Tick tock, how long before you call us all racist? Let me help you, I’m a white male. That should make it easier for you.


Of course you can blame Q13 FOX news for perpetuating fake news… but most certainly in this instance it wasn’t the initiator of fake news… But AP most certainly was…

Jordan Jereb told The Associated Press on Thursday that his group wants Florida to become its own white ethno-state. He said his group holds “spontaneous random demonstrations” and tries not to participate in the modern world.


That is a lie ! The weapon of choice for mass murder is a hand gun and the person using it is a person of color living in the intercity of a democratic controlled city !


Exactly. Maybe if the FBI hadn’t been promoting bogus Russia narratives and covering their own corrupt tracks, the extra time and manpower needed might’ve noticed this beacon of a mass shooting about to occur.


Oh now… Airplanes by far…


That’s who’s committing these mass murders. Ought I have blamed it on black females. :roll_eyes:


Wrong, MASS MURDER, by definition where a mass of people are killed, usually within ten minutes or less is committed with the use of semi automatic rifles.


Right. There’s 35,000 FBI employees while Mueller and his team are a hundred or less.


You just made that up !
Fool a mass murder is a killing of four or more people at one place !


Let’s start with everything I said, not just the line you took out of context. Now make a response with it in context.