If Your Country Isn't A Shithole, Go Home.


What a minute… just what did those white colonizers find when they landed on the shores of Africa… the cradle of civilization… Understand that colonizers didn’t not explore the vast interior of Africa until long after slavery had been outlawed… I wonder who tore down those vast civilizations before the colonists arrived?


What is wrong with you people??


He didn’t say that all immigrants have an average IQ of 67… he said that we don’t need immigrants with an average IQ of 67… and do not tell me that Mexico handed survival leaflets to there best and brightest while pointing north… And I am sure all of those who sat on the top of ‘The Beast’ were valedictorians in their respective schools…


Monte, you constantly misunderstand what I’m saying .These Black Ruled countries had plenty of time to develop their economies
If passport is valid ,go to these countries and help them.


They come here, they’ve come here, they’ll come here, a Trump hiccup notwithstanding.


Immigration is irrelevant. Current global development is simply not sustainable. 150 years ago we were 1 billion, now we are 7. Earth can’t provide the population with enough resources, even with modern agriculture (which is unsustainable by itself). With today’s international connected economies we rely on other countries way too much. If one major economy drops, the whole world will go with it.


I don’t think it will be that apocalyptic. If we are all already connected your point is not valid.


It will be. It will be the end of modern civilization. Immigration at immense levels never seen before will occur, wars will start over simple resources, famines, epidemics/pandemics, lawlessness, etc.

The survivors might rebuild civilization, but it will be nothing like today’s complex, dependent, interdependent, and unsustainable systems.

I think it would a be a return to the simple, traditional lifestyle.

Oil will run dry soon even just as it starts getting scarce, conflicts will start.


I don’t disagree. I think beyond resources are the tremendous amount of cultural friction that will naturally occur. I don’t think this is unintentional. Globalistist and Trotskyites work tirelessly to consolidate power and they know that resource management is imperative to their plans. They have thus far use every tactic from eugenics to social sexual engineering to control population voluntarily and have used food redistribution for consolidation. This attempt to consolidate and intertwine the worlds populations will, in the end, will lead to our demise. Wars and social conflict will increase to kill many people on this planet but I believe that the real undoing for this planet will be a pandemic. To many people playing with gene splicing and of course evil little mines in the DARPAs of the world looking for that one good killing elixir… We sit on the ragged edge of the last big medical breakthrough with penicillin… when it fails so will the worlds immune system.