Illegal Alien Restaurant Worker Poisons Food With Drain Cleaner


On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Tampa office filed a detainer on the 54-year-old Guadalajara, Mexico, native, meaning ICE wants to know when Padilla finishes doing his time.

Padilla’s employment at a Hibachi Express in Lakeland ended last June, after franchise owner Zhong Jiang thought the Yum-Yum sauce refrigerated in a 55-gallon barrel didn’t look so yummy. He took a taste off a single-dipped finger.

“The victim’s mouth immediately began burning and he described the pain as a cutting of his tongue and mouth,” the arrest report read.

After asking the employees about the sauce and getting no explanation, Jiang announced he was calling police. Padilla asked Jiang to refrain from calling the cops, heightening Jiang’s suspicion, according to the report.

Via surveillance video review, Jiang saw Padilla kneeling next to where the restaurant kept the Plumbers Choice Lye industrial strength drain cleaner. He noticed a flat pocket when Padilla first kneeled and a bulging pocket when he rose. The pocket deflated to flat after Padilla swung by a sink briefly holding a container of Yum-Yum sauce.

When first interviewed by Lakeland police, Padilla denied anything before cops played the video. He then admitted he had contaminated the sauce because he was angry at Jiang over working conditions.

He said he used only a small amount despite being able to read the warning on the lye bottle, “DANGER POISON HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED CAUSES SEVERE BURNS.”

On the arrest report, though a Lakeland address is listed for Padilla, Lakeland police wrote, “The defendant is considered transient and has a documented history of providing false names/info to law enforcement.”


Because of shit like this, I avoid eating out like the plague. It is just not safe anymore. Many illegals are diseased with TB, hepatitis A, B, or C, syphilis, typhoid fever, you name it. They spit in your food, they cough over it, they sneeze, they don’t wash their hands after taking a piss or a shit, no thanks. I value my health too much.


The only way to be safe is to prepare your own food. Every single restaurant that I’ve ever been to has Hispanics working in it - probably illegal.


I think members of Congress that support giving amnesty to illegals should have to eat all of their meals at restaurants like these. They should have to bring their family members along too. This is what the American people are subjected to. Nothing is safe anymore.


He shouldn’t have called the cops, he should’ve made Padilla eat it. The whole barrel.


Add another one to the ICE deportation list.


Crazy Chuck and Nincompoop Nancy. should fly there and yell at the restaurant owner for the working conditions that caused him to act out and chastise ICE for the retainer on this illegal trying to earn his way here.


Well Americans do the same crap but the “FACT” is, this shit should not have been here to do it! Kill him and throw his ass across the border.


Now we have to support his Ass in prison before he is deported