Illegal Immigrant Who Voted Twice Gets Deported and the Media is Upset


This bitch tied up the courts for TEN YEARS after illegally entering this country and voting twice in OUR elections.

But, you’re supposed to feel bad for her, or you’re literally Hitler.


Boo friggin hoo. She admits claiming U.S. citizenship when she wasn’t a citizen after already being here several years. She didn’t know the laws specifically written for those in her position? Not knowing the law does not give you the right to break it.


I literally don’t care at all about what happens to this woman. What about our homeless veterans who no one in the media seems to give a shit about. They are glorifying criminals who have no right to be here. This should have never been the case in our country. Our citizens come first. Our veterans who are sleeping on the street never receive any media coverage but filthy criminals who defraud every aspect of our system are supposed to get a tearful eye? No way.


@Ashley take a deep breath. Breathe. You should never advocate for families being broken apart and grandmothers being ripped from the arms of their grandchildren over something like this. It’s cruel and you know it. This woman deserved amnesty, not deportation. It’s sickening.


I’m sure there is room at YOUR house to care for them .



But she said a clerk asked her if she wanted to register to vote. When she asked the clerk if she was “supposed to,” she said the clerk responded: “It’s up to you.”

“Non-citizens should not be asked this question — period,” Fitzpatrick said. voted by accident to and thought it was a poll.

Then she voted — in two elections. She claimed she only voted for a local school superintendent candidate, because her daughters were in the schools.

“I was misled,”

“I am not a criminal,” Similar to “I am not a crook”

Obviously a democrat as it was some else that is at fault.

How much did this person cost the US in legal costs???