Illegal ordered to rob Americans to re-pay their debt to smugglers!


A man arrested in Florida for trying to stab a woman during a home invasion says he was given orders to steal to help repay a debt he owed to smugglers who got him into the U.S. illegally, according to a police report.
The 32-year-old claims to have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border after traveling from Guatemala and was still in custody Tuesday at the Lake County Jail on an ICE detainer following the weekend incident in Mascotte, records show.

“The traffickers armed him with two knives and told him that if things did not go as planned, he was to either run out of the house or take someone’s life to ensure he carries out the mission,” a police report obtained by Fox News states.
Mascotte Chief of Police Eric Pedersen told Fox News he was informed by the Border Patrol Tuesday morning that the name the suspect gave investigators, Samuel Hernandez, was false, and that he could be facing more charges. He has already been charged with attempted murder and home invasion robbery carrying a deadly weapon, amongst other allegations, and his bond has been set at $330,000.

I’m certain liberals will blame the homeowners for leaving their doors unlocked.


But I thought we were getting the best and the brightest?


The traffickers followed him all the way to Florida to collect their pay…snicker


Now he gets to spend time in prison and then get deported back to his shithole. That’s such a good feeling. Putting illegal knuckle dragging scum in their place and taking years off of their life.


We have no disagreement there…


When can we start cleaning up this country the way it needs to be cleaned up? If we only had one week to set things right, Americans would get the job done and mange to build in time for a weekend.


Elections take longer than that but if you want to get started, mid terms are around the corner, send the republicans and democrats packing.


So he is a liar , a thief , and a felon , typical illegal !!! :roll_eyes:


Following his arrest, police say the man, in Spanish, told officers that he entered the U.S. with 15 other blindfolded men to “pursue a better life." WTF a better life breaking into someone’s home and trying to kill them , a better life must mean taking someone else’s valuable . This is the trash the dems protect and want in our Country because they know this trash won’t end up in their gated communities !!! Too bad the home owner didn’t shoot that bastard . I sure this is the 15 time this a-hole illegally entered the US , most likely with the aid of the Latino lawyers trolling the border !!!


When we are rid of liberal trash !!!


Let him work off his fines as an IRS Agent


He did find better homes to break into. The Liberals believe all the illegals are law abiding people. He should have the homes of Nincompoop Nancy and Mad Maxine the Racist Warrior to break into.:-1:t6:


They live in gated communities with ARMED guards !!!


In a sanctuary city he would have already walked.


And he wouldn’t have to walk very far to find one ! :rage: