Illegal released from jail after leving driver to DIE!


An ILLEGAL charged in a deadly crash avoided being detained by immigration agents and bonded out of a Colorado jail Saturday when local officials waited to notify the agency. The Denver County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement the 26-year-old posted a $25,000 bond on Saturday and was released from Denver’s Downtown Detention Center at 5:28 p.m.
Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, 26, fled the scene of an accident on Interstate 70 involving a tractor-trailer that caught on fire last week, leaving the driver to die, according to the Denver Police Department. He was arrested by local officials March 4, and was wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


American citizens should be given a reward for his capture, dead or alive.


The courts have again Enabled illegals to subvert the legal process. The illegals supporters don’t care about that they don’t have a legal right to be here.
What reason was given for low bail.$2500 (10%) is Rediculous.Anyone could make that!!! What a Judicial Indiscretion this is and a kick to the groin of the truckers family.


That’s because they don’t have to live with them. It’s always the wealthy liberals who live in 90% white suburbs and exurbs who are the loudest. Mainly because they want their cheap landscapers and housecleaners.


He’s long gone and has fled to Mexico only to reappear some day under a different name.


The sanctuary city Denver allows illegals to subvert the legal process.


10% get’s you out of jail, $250 for killing a person.


And yet the liberals want to abolish ICE !!! :roll_eyes:
Left-wing pundits and activists are increasing pressure on Democratic politicians to embrace the fringe position of abolishing ICE. Once a fringe idea on the far-left, abolishing the nation’s immigration enforcement agency now looks likely to become a campaign issue in the Democrats’ 2020 presidential primary.


It’s the votes they seek , they know these low IQ criminals will vote for free , free , free $hit every time ! :roll_eyes:


It was $25,000 and 10% of that very low amount .
" The Denver County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement the 26-year-old posted a $25,000 bond on Saturday and was released from Denver’s Downtown Detention Center at 5:28 p.m."


If this piece of shit kill somebody again, Colorado owns it.


Actually Denver owns it.

They are a sanctuary city.


That’s a fair point but shouldn’t the state step in and intervene in a situation like this? The governor should be able to reign this kind of crap in right?


Wrong, he’s a progressive and supports the sanctuary cities.


Okay - didn’t know that. Theoretically though I would think that the governor should, if politically inclined, be able to do something to comply with ICE. The governor controls the state troopers. That’s what should happen instates that have sanctuary cities…state troopers should go into the jails and hand the illegals over to ICE problem solved. Locals can’t say no to the state police.


The governor is term limited and leaves at the end of this year.

He has zero incentive to do anything and would make Colorado a sanctuary state if he could get it by out state Colorado.

Colorado is controlled by the democrats as the bulk of the population resides in Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Greeley all progressive/liberal sanctuary cities.


Why was his bail set that low? I guess the judge that set his bail is in hiding.
If he kills again, everyone in the legal chain should be as aiding and abetting criminal conduct. Next the Governor will pardon this Scumbag.