Illegal Uber driver rapes 4 women , yet dems fight to keep them in the Country


A Mexican Uber driver living in the U.S. illegally was charged Monday with raping, assaulting and robbing young women in California, prosecutors said.
Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez’s four alleged victims are between 19 and 22 years old and three were intoxicated when they were assaulted, San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow told reporters.
Alarcon-Nunez, 39, faces 10 criminal charges including forcible rape, rape of an intoxicated victim, oral copulation of an intoxicated victim and first degree burglary. It wasn’t immediately known if Alarcon-Nunez has a free attorney.


These California women got the cultural enrichment they were desperate for. I don’t like victim-blaming but in this case I can honestly say they were asking for it.


How so ? I think they have the reasonable expectation taking a cab home when you have a little too much to drink is the responsible thing to do , don’t you ? Who could foresee getting in a Uber cab , after ALL the claims of criminal checks , background checks and all the other checks they claim to preform would result in getting RAPED ??? Why didn’t Uber deal with the first 3 rapes ? What is needed for Uber and law enforcement to take action ? Wait , I forgot this is sanctuary California and liberal loving law breakers !!! :roll_eyes:


He said the alleged crimes show that the company should improve its driver screening process, Dow said

That would be RACYYSTS, my friend. We, the tolerant Californians, the moral overwatchers of the UNITED STATES, are writing more tolerant laws to help our fellow humans against such VILE discriminiation and hate youre preaching

Existing law provides that when there is reason to believe that a person arrested for a violation of specified controlled substance provisions may not be a citizen of the United States, the arresting agency shall notify the appropriate agency of the United States having charge of deportation matters.

This bill would repeal those provisions.


What is wrong with calling a cab if you’re to drunk to drive??? I guess it would have been. better if they drove home ,got into an accident and killed or badly injured someone.
What they did was the responsible thing to do.I’m sure things would be different if these women were members of important families.


NOTHING ! Just pray your not a women and your driver is a protected ILLEGAL !


You don’t know their political opinions. The problem is the illegal not the women who called him to do his job which does not entail rape.


And you still dont know. They can either become conservative on immigration, or go extreme feminism and hate men (since all men are rapists).


Never would have happened if Cali. did not licence illegals! Did he have a licence? Sue the state!


There was a Motor Law bill introduced by Gov. Brown to essentially allow illegals to vote legally in california. It goes that 1) a person can obtain a driver licence regardless of his immigration status, and 2) you can vote with your driver licence.


When the scum democrats run the state, how well do you think suing them will work?


It depends on many factors.


Is that why Hillary got so many votes there ? Is it any wonder dems are so against voter ID ? There are upwards of 11,000,000 illegals running around in sanctuary Californicate and being harbored by elected officials violation the laws of the land feds need to put an immediate stop to all this BS fast ! :roll_eyes:



Arguably. Im sure the Dems in commiefornia dont care, since mentioned laws above are in place. It gave me hope, since the President won 30% of the vote there despite “legal” illegal voting.


Brown is making sure illegals have a bigger voice in our elections in 2018 and 2020 .


Law has been in place since 2015, so it already had an effect in the 2016 election.


Correct !! We all know there were multiple cases of voter fraud by democrats and they still LOST !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Hopefully this will improve when New established.
I hope he had auto insurance. There’s nothing better than to payfor underinsured, uninsured drivers.