Illegal Who Killed Kate Steinle Found Not Guilty


Illegal alien deported 5 times over 7 felonies was found not guilty of the murder of Kate Steinle, who he shot to death in public.

A left-wing jury full of communists trying to make a statement just allowed an illegal to execute an American citizen without repercussion.

This is a glimpse of the future if we don’t take drastic measures.

Trump should tweet out that whoever shoots this piece of shit gets an immediate pardon.


I pray for the Steinle family. Amidst all the anger, outrage and tears, nothing may be said or done that will bring back their daughter.


The real tragedy isn’t the verdict. It’s that Kate Steinle would be alive today if the law had been enforced.

Zarate was in San Francisco that day because the Obama administration, California, and San Francisco kept ICE from doing its job. How many other less well-known victims have there been?



The Kate Steinle verdict proves that California is a lawless state and the Justice system no longer has any interest in protecting citizens. Illegals can rape, kill and pillage all they want without consequence. The Jury just gave illegals open season on citizens with legal precedence.


Its alright though 'cause they are planning to deport him again … :disappointed_relieved: But, the good news for the left is that if they can stonewall the wall, weaken immigration enforcement and continue sanctuary policies, he will be back in time for the next presidential election… :roll_eyes:


It’s time to encorage the secession of California. Let Jerry Brown protect their cities from North Korean missiles.


What else would anyone expect in sanctuary California ? Now the Feds get their turn ! :rage:


Kate Steinle was a daughter, sister, and a young woman with her entire future ahead of her.

The 5-time deported illegal who murdered her gets to live after robbing her of life.

Flood Congress with calls to BUILD THE WALL. 202-224-3121


This is the jury that decided Kate’s murderer should walk free. Look at these fucking smiling faces. These are not Americans. These are foreign invaders.


Garcia Zarate received absolutely no punishment whatsoever for the death of a white woman. Whether he killed her on purpose (he did) or on accident, he received zero punishment. No murder, no manslaughter not even reckless endangerment.

The jury: ten spics, two beta cuck white males, and one white female alternate.

This why we started lynching blacks in the first place, and this is why we need to start lynching again. Spics are ones killing whites in America, spics are the ones who set him free, spics are the ones who protected and housed him all six times he illegally entered the country.

There is not one drop of non-white blood sacred enough to spare.


This acquittal was a good day for the rule of law.

It was un-American and wrong for the President et al to try to convict the accused in the media. I watched CNN, who seemed horrified by the acquittal. The accused was convicted for being a felon and touching a gun.

Some salient facts in evidence are:

The gun was stolen from its owner’s car (in just about the highest car break in and theft area in the country: near the SF pier). Its owner was an officer from the Bureau of Land Management and it was his official gun. It was set to discharge with great ease.

  • The prosecution was not able to establish that the accused was involved in the theft of the gun.

  • The victim was killed by a bullet that had ricocheted before it struck her. Ballistics experts were sure of this conclusion and testified that no one, even an expert, could deliver a shot precisely after a ricochet.

  • The accused had only a molecule or two of gun powder residue on his hands. His story was he found the gun wrapped up in a cloth and it discharged when he picked it up. The tiny amount of residue suggests that he was not holding the gun directly, or in firing position, when it discharged. (He did throw it in the water after it discharged.)

It is the case that the accused is a not a good person. He has repeatedly returned to our country after being deported. Being in the country illegally is a misdemeanor. He told confusing versions of what happened. There is ample reason to deport him and/or to charge him with crimes for which there is evidence.

However, there was so much evidence that this tragic death was not a murder, that there is likelihood that the Trump induced hue and cry was why he was charged with murder. Trump believes that people of color do not get the benefit of reasonable doubt. Fortunately, 12 citizens in SF did chose that this person did get the benefit of reasonable doubt and discovered what has been written about for months and months: the ballistics evidence was inconsistent with a murder or manslaughter charge.

  • be illegal Mexican immigrant
  • be illegal Mexican immigrant felon
  • be illegal Mexican immigrant felon with multiple deportations
  • shoot white woman in the back
  • your attorney screams racism
  • N-n-not guilty!!

Seriously what the fuck is this.


You are an idiot. So if I detonate a bomb in a building it wouldn’t be murder because I wasn’t trying to kill anyone? Do you not see how literally fucked that is…


Just in case anyone ever had any doubts about left-wing RUSSIAN bots pushing their narrative on social media - here you go.

No other state comes close to California in terms of total welfare spending

And when its all over ICE will deport him for the 6th time.

Odds are he will return to the US via our own border yet again.


Here is another jury pic.


This is LIBERALISM !!! :rage:


Some how it seems to be missing the affluent in San fran.


You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, or for Democrats, you have to take the murders, rapes, and assaults for the voting bloc you’ve determined will deliver your party never ending power, including a permanent hold on the White House. You have to crack a few Steinles to make a voting bloc.