Illegal Who Killed Kate Steinle Found Not Guilty


Kate Steinle’s killer would probably have been handed a longer sentence for misgendering someone.


Remember - this is their goal.


If the Kate Steinle verdict is justice in the eyes of the Diversity Olympics, I have no qualms with vigilante justice.


He’s in SF, a sanctuary city, so if ICE try to deport him, he’ll sue the city for hundreds of thousands dollar of tax payers’ money. But dont worry, Cards against Humanity will start a funding campaign to buy him a house on the plot of land they bought to protest the wall going up. Isnt commifornia a great state?


Hey Laura, he was acquitted by the people who actually sat in the jury box and heard the entire trial! That’s called justice.


So was OJ even if though OJ’s DNA was found in blood evidence at the scene and Nicoles DNA was found on OJ’s sock in his bedroom… Defense says but, but, but.

The man had the gun, now he might not have intended to shoot her… that would exempt him from homicide but to be acquitted of involuntary manslaughter is reprehensible… They must be so amored with the idea of repealing the 2nd amendment that they believe that the gun discharged itself…

Of course this brings up the larger point, that if Presidents like Obama won’t enforce our immigration laws, and states give sanctuary in direct contravention of those laws, the only thing we can do is build a barrier that neither of those, nation of laws, loving entities can ignore…


Just illiterate bernie bot being illiterate bernie bot.


A jury that actually sat through the entire trial and heard the prosecution and defense argue their case was not convinced that the defendant was guilty. That’s the American constitutional way that you seem to not like. Maybe you should be upset at that or a incompetent prosecution team.


This is what the vast majority of Americans do not understand. All the pandering, all the speeches in Spanish, all the bullshit programs that help illegals, including CA’s ‘motor voter’ are not altruism.

The Dems know that 11 million illegals suddenly being able to collect freebies, and vote for even more will ensure Dem. rule for generations.

Will the last American in CA, Ill, NJ and NY please lower the flag on your way out.


Posted in wrong thread…


How is that relevant to this case? The jury performed their roll as constitutionally designed. The DA overcharged this case. With a similar objective perhaps as the prosecution in the OJ case.


Just Remember, the Kate Steinle murder wasn’t a rare event.

On average, illegal aliens commit 25 homicides a day in the United States.


And whose bank roll are they on, illiterate bernie bot?


So what, they were only citizens of the US and of no consequence as proven by the trial not illegal aliens.

Perhaps a new group should be formed, American citizens matter.

Wait would that be racist???


Overcharged with negligent homicide?.. Seems to me that outside of the gun jumping out of his pocket and shooting her, he has some culpability … No? No one behind the wheel of a car can escape that charge bar a malfunction with the vehicle itself… He pulled the trigger…

When I think about this trial… and I think about jury selection… I think about the ninth circuit and the number of stupid decisions they have had over turned… todays young prosecutor is tomorrows court judge…


I was taking a little break from politics and then I read this.

Break Over!


Reads straight from the Justtin Cuckdeau’s playbook


And they have to balls to ask for more federal funding while being sanctuary cities


The new charges follow a move Friday by the Department of Justice, which unsealed an amended arrest warrant for Zarate, which included violations related to the charges of a felon in possession of a firearm, involuntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon, all of which were filed after the defendant’s initial arrest, according to the warrant.

After Zarate’s acquittal, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also announced last week that they planned to take Zarate into custody and remove him from the U.S. after the case was completely over.