Illegal Who Killed Kate Steinle Found Not Guilty


Whoda thunk, literal trash trashing a memorial.


They tear down a memorial to her because she got an illegal in trouble after she was murdered by him. Leftist logic.


They are angry because the poor filtyh illegal still has a gun charge hanging over his head. Not to worry, San Francisco leftists will get that thrown out too.


How could this incompetent jury not understand he was in possession of the handgun. It’s like the OJ defense if the glove don’t fit you you must acquit. Probably the fog in SF has affected the judgement process or was as equally unbiased as the OJ jury . They should make good guests on the View standing up for the poor down trodden Illegals.


He walked because he was overcharged! I could not go for MURDER if I were on the Jury! Negligent homicide or manslaughter would have been more appropriate.


That isn’t what I was saying. He admitted to picking the shirt up and then it " Accidentally" fired . Didn’t he have possession of the handgun at that time? I agree that he was negligent by his actions and could have been guilty of a lesser charge.I guess the jury wanted to6 prevent the states large Mexican population from storming the prison with Tacos Burritos and Enchiladas along with pitchforks and torches


If you believe his story. Just how did the gun get in the cloth? How did the shirt get next to him?

He initially claimed that he fired at a sea lion, then that he fired accidentally while picking up the gun which he claimed he had found moments before, wrapped in cloth beneath the bench on which he was sitting.

So which is it???
Shooting a sea lion?
The weapon, Sig Sauer P239 is equipped with a safety.
Picking up a handgun generally requires moving the safety to off then pulling the trigger.


No matter the kill shot was a ricochet. Hard to prove any intent without a confession or other evidence to the contrary. Do I believe his story? NOPE! But the facts, as I understand them, are the round that took her life was a ricochet and no intent could be shown. Here we have a shitty prosecution and a DA that knew it was an overcharge.



He put the gun in the rag.

He picked it up and miraculously the safety was turned off and the trigger in a trigger guard was pulled.

Or he was shooting hat a sea lion and missed.

One thing is for certain. he’s a liar and he killed Katie.

Oh, a second thing, if it were you, you would be in jail today instead of wandering around in California.


This is true! Piss poor prosecution and a crap DA.


I assume this is the usual type of justice in the Bay Area .Another Marcia Clark type DA .The U S citizens get another shaft by sympathizers of Illegals .How much longer do we have to have a revolving door for Illegals .Maybe Nancy Pelosi will hire as a gardener or God forbid a driver .


There in of course lies the rub… I doubt any professional killers would rely on the accuracy of a deliberate ricochet to administer a lethal shot and even skilled pool players wouldn’t put money on that. I do agree with you that murder was an overcharge but I do have to wonder given California’s sanctuary animus with ICE if that wasn’t an intentional get out of jail free card…


Maybe ICE could put him to work building the wall as a laborer . Then he might get a Green Card.


Even if the murder was an overcharge it doesn’t negate the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be here. If we can accept that as fact then his presence resulted in the death of Kate Steinle. If he had not been in this country illegally Kate Steinle would still be alive.


Katie doesn’t matter. The only thing that, matters is the illegal and making sure he is safe in their sanctuary city.

There are thousands that have been killed by illegals yet they are still sheltered by the left and the media.

This is a person who was a friend that I worked with:]

The family of Jeffrey Rando Garrett, the Qwest executive killed while turkey hunting in Garfield County, has reached a settlement with the company that hired the man who accidentally shot him.

Garrett, 37, was found dead May 14, 2005, in the East Elk Creek area near New Castle.

Charlotte Garrett and her two children, Olivia and Adam Garrett, filed a federal wrongful-death lawsuit against Land West Ventures, a Georgia corporation doing business as Bear Wallow Ranch in Garfield County.

Bear Wallow had hired Oscar Hoyos DeLaCruz as a ranch hand and another employee, Juan Salido-Talavera, had provided him with the .22-caliber rifle that killed Jeffrey Garrett.

The lawsuit said that DeLaCruz fired blindly into the brush when he heard a turkey call and struck Garrett, who was dressed in camouflage.

DeLaCruz, an illegal immigrant, told Talavera that he shot someone, but the two left the scene without rendering aid and did not report that a person had been shot, the suit said.

The lawsuit also accused Land West Ventures and Salido-Talavera of helping DeLaCruz catch a flight back to Mexico and conceal the facts of the shooting from law enforcement.

And he did leave, returning to Mexico before they could arrest him.


1 guess Mexico will harbor thes fugitives and6 refuse6 to extrdict them to the US because they killed someone who was not a politically important person . I wonder if company mgmt feels any remorse sleeps better at night or gave their condolences to the family


That’s a really terrible story. What really pisses me off about it is that the moron illegal was probably not a criminal mastermind who was slick enough to evade authorities and escape to a foreign country. The authorities obviously didn’t do enough to arrest him or stop him from leaving the country. No justice for the dead but freedom for the illegal.


The story was somewhat inaccurate.
He was hunting with 2 other friends. He walked away from them and grew tired and sat next to a tree. They could here him with his turkey call and then a shot. They ran over and found he had been shot. The illegal said he heard a turkey and fired his rifle through some bushes. One stayed with him the other went to the car called an ambulance and police. The illegal fled the scene ran to his place of employ and then ran to the airport.


I certainly can’t disagree with that…


Has anyone wondered why the Leftist Liberals want the Illegals to live in our neighborhoods instead of their gated communities.Could you imagine an illegal living next to.Pelosi or Maxine Waters playing loud music cars up on blocks and roosters crowing in the morning. All their children running thru the yard and ruiningflower beds and the family bitching when they complain . This would be a Kodak moment .