ILLEGALS BTFO! Supreme Court Ruling Means Illegals Could Be Detained Indefinitely



No habeas corpus for illegals, Court rules in 5-3 decision. Marxist revolucionadoes el-BTFO’d muy grande.

The Supreme Court just ruled that Blacks and Hispanics have no right to bond hearings every six months, which many treasonous Jew cunts immigration activists consider important if they’re ever going to clog the system up and force the Reconquista to protecting shitskins’ civil rights.

The (((controversial))) decision, that invading animals have no fucking rights to a US taxpayer-supported court system, comes as a blow to various hippies, 20-something college faggots, university academics who’ve never earned an honest nickel, and Jews everywhere.

“Now how are we supposed to fuck up the gringo justice system by exploiting well-intentioned loopholes?” asked one invader, who will remain anonymous because nobody gives a fuck about his name. Another complained:

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Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from this case, citing her deviant sexual and religious practices, which some have complained make her a natural enemy of the American Republic. Of the remainder, opposition was led by OP here, I haven’t even checked this, but you know it will be accurate noted Jewess Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In her dissenting opinion, (((Justice Ginsburg))) stated:

America has a rich and varied tradition of being invaded by filthy facehuggers from the Alien franchise, which was produced by Jews like me. Not letting these foreign invaders go Red Dawn on the court system I’ve been trying to fuck up for at least 100 years represents a real setback to my wetback, if you get me, nigga.

President Trump has not yet released a statement, but observers expect him to do so via Twitter, thus bypassing the mainstream media yet again. The media, increasingly desperate to at least look relevant, is expected to hire woke blacks to talk about this on TV as evidence the President (who is not in charge of the Supreme Court) is racist. Special notice is expected to be paid to that shouting female spic on CNN who keeps accusing whites of being invaders in the country they built from scratch.

This must become a salt thread. Find the tears, build the pipeline, and pump them into this thread

Supreme Court Ruling
Supreme Court rules immigrants can be held indefinitely with no bond hearings


Hey WACKO, what’s with the antisemetism. Just curious.


The could go the route of voluntary deportation,


That was hysterical man. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a while. I have been saying for years that illegals don’t have any rights and it makes zero sense to waste time and money on them in the legal system. Now if we could only get some kind of bounty awarded on every illegal turned in then we would fix the illegal invaders problem and help unemployment.


There’s no cause for celebration. SCOTUS returned the case to a lower court to determine if indefinite detention without a chance for bail is Unconstitutional and if a challenge to that no bail provision maybe fought as a class action suit or if each person has to sue individually.
In my Humble lay persons opinion, 13 months is a long time to be held without bail and denies them Due Process to a bail hearing . Also they should be able to challenge as a class action suit
I’m in No way a Liberal on illegal immigration but I feel that these suits should proceed as quickly as possible so as not to tie up the courts.We have Enough of that already.
I said before that All Violent Criminal Illegals Must go. If one runs a stop sign or a traffic light ,unless they cause a Serious accident I wouldn’t worry.
You seem to be Anti everyone


It’s really easy.

E-verify mandatory.

Caught working under the table instant deportation.

Caught accepting false documents to employ illegals jail.

Caught employing illegals 5K per head every time you walk in the door for a check.

No work, no illegals.


The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that immigration officials can continue to indefinitely detain immigrants during proceedings to determine the legality of their status in the U.S.

In the 5-3 decision, which Justice Elena Kagan took no part in, the Supreme Court reversed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that ruled detained immigrants must receive bond hearings every six months to determine if their continued detainment was necessary.

The decision of Jennings v. Rodriguez affects illegal and legal immigrants. Legal permanent residents facing deportation as a result of committing crimes and asylum seekers who have turned themselves in at the border and are awaiting a court date can be detained indefinitely with no interval bond hearings.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion, which included himself and the other conservative Justices John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Anthony Kennedy.

“Detention during those proceedings gives immigration officials time to determine an alien’s status without running the risk of the alien’s either absconding or engaging in criminal activity before a final decision can be made,” Alito wrote in the majority opinion.

Kagan decided to recuse herself from the case because of work she had done under former President Obama as his solicitor general. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Sonia Sotomayor were of the dissenting opinion.

At the ruling, Breyer read from the dissenting opinion, a rare move that likely indicated his strong feelings against the majority opinion in this case, according to NPR.

“Whatever the fiction, would the Constitution leave the Government free to starve, beat, or lash those held within our boundaries?” Breyer argued. “If not, then, whatever the fiction, how can the Constitution authorize the Government to imprison arbitrarily those who, whatever we might pretend, are in reality right here in the United States?” Breyer said, calling the ruling “legal fiction.”

The named plaintiff Alejandro Rodriguez came to the U.S. as an infant and became a lawful permanent resident. The original case was born after Rodriguez had two convictions, one for drug possession and the other for joyriding. The Department of Homeland Security initiated deportation proceedings against him and detained Rodriguez for three years.

Rodriguez’s attorney wanted the Supreme Court to decide illegal immigrants have a right to bond hearings.


I get that the OP’s wording was… harsh… somewhat anti-semitic … and humorous at times but the fundamental principle that people crossing our borders must understand is they cannot force themselves on our legal system just because the clandestinely entered our country. Your compassion for the problem is perhaps understandable but the fact is, if you happen to leave your door unlocked and someone comes into your home and just sits quietly on you couch but refuses to leave is no less intrusive than the home invader that eats all your food without your permission.


They have a right to a deportation hearing.

And why would they be granted a bail hearing only to disappear into the US?

Do you honestly think an illegal that has likely used forged ID, possibly stolen someone’s ID, working illegally in the US would stick around after being let out on bail?


Globalization, open borders, big business and a pandering congress.


You forgot morons like Bernie Sanders !!! :roll_eyes: shrug .


It’s not as much compassion as I want to see these hearings held ASAP so taxpayers don’t have to pay forever while they are locked up.
Everyone should want to see these cases decided quickly and not clutter an already burdened justice system. How would any of us like to wait 13 months for a bail hearing.


It’s not as good as it sounds. It’s good that they didn’t agree with the 9th Circuit’s insanity that immigrants deserved bond hearings every 6 months and the prosecution has to prove why they should be detained.

That’s insane and nowhere in the law.

However, Gorsuch and Thomas thought illegals detained had no right to even bring this to the appellate court. The court ruled they did, and this is going back to the 9th, so they’ll try to cook up some other way to get illegal criminals out of jail.


On Tuesday, Justice Stephen G. Breyer read from his dissent, a rare move for the court and an indication of just how passionately he disagrees with the majority opinion.

“We need only recall the words of the Declaration of Independence,” Breyer said, "in particular its insistence that all men and women have ‘certain unalienable Rights,’ and that among them is the right to ‘Liberty.’ "

How is Stephen Breyer a Supreme Court Justice? Quoting the Declaration of Independence out of historical context; moreover, it’s not the supreme law of the land, that would be the Constitution (the main author of which is James Madison, not Thomas Jefferson).

Ignoring the true intent (fixed in time and place) of these documents is nothing short of treason. These dissenters know precisely what they’re doing because they’re not stupid, just snakes.


The Supreme Court just ruled illegal immigrants have no automatic rights to freedom and no right to post bond and be set free. It is a decision that could give the Trump admin more freedom to pursue stiff detention policies for illegal immigrants.

As reported by Washington Times in the 5-3 ruling, the justices delivered a powerful decision. The ruling was also a rebuke by the high court to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which had its decision overturned, sending a clear message to liberals attempting to defy the Constitution.

Take that Liberals.


p.s., That ruling by the Court was made at the end of February. Sorry about that.


Could be "BAD NEWS " for MOONBEAM . His other Edicts could be in trouble with POTUS. I wonder who the three dissenters were???



Justice Breyer filed a dissenting opinion, in which Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor joined. Kagan took no part in the decision of the case.