I'm here from Yabberz!


I’m Alex from Maine and I’m coming here from Yabberz after the site administrators decided to start deleting political comments they didn’t agree with.


Welcome! Maine is a beautiful state…hope you are enjoying the early spring way up north.


Good decision - I just went to Yabberz. Seems like a weird place.


Yeah…you won’t get that here :wink:


Welcome to the forum Alex from Maine.


Hey Alex!!! Jump on in!


Thanks for the nice welcome messages everyone. I actually signed up back in December but was still tied to my last forum. I’ve been following along with the activities over email. Looking forward to great conversation.


@Mainer thanks for making things official! We all look forward to hearing what you have to say and we are glad that you are here.


Welcome aboard Mr Maine!


Welcome, looking forward to your posts. Have fun!!


I also have just been banned from Yabberz, because I decided to start a weekly post called Stupid comments of the week. A guy named Amelek said he would get me booted. Sure enough, it wasn’t 10 minutes later, and my whole account was deleted. I was on their top poster leaderboard also.
That place is only for Corportate Democrats anything outside of that will get you ridiculed and booted…
IT is going down faster then a CNN meme…


Welcome to the club! We are all outcasts from somewhere.


What is up with all the refugess from Main?


lol, sounds like my kind of group. Has to be much better then the closed-minded, corporate democratic - all else be damned type of place that is Yabberz. I am digging the setup here. Might take a minute to get use to, but I LIKE…


I am not sure where/what you mean/are referring to. Sorry could you clarify that?


Never mind… I see that was referring to Maine. Re read the thread.


Yeah, that place is clearly lacking in intelligence and open mindedness they are all indoctrinated corporate democrats. And they LOVE hearing themselves talk.


Nah im jsut trolling (((you))).


Looking forward to all of your contributions!


Went and checked it out earlier. That logo on the top left sends the message. I guess they only want to hate on Trump. I get that people don’t like what Trump does a lot of the time. It’s fair to criticize him because he’s a politician now. That applies to all politicians. The only way to fairly criticize is to debate with different opinions. I’m out numbered by liberal women in my house, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about things.