I'm here from Yabberz!


Thanks, I have looked for other forums, and me looking to see the “reviews” about Yabberz, And this place popped up. Can’t believe I never found it before. Hopefully, I can become a contributing member. I had got people to join Yabberz, only to be booted the same day. That is when I started having a “No sugar coat” truth. And that got me booted :slight_smile: Looking forward to having civilized debate about many subjects. And hopefully I have found the place for just that. --Thanks again.


Yes, But they are Anti-Progressive, Anti-republican, Anti-Libertarian. If you aren’t a corp. Dem, and question the whole Russian narrative, you will be booted. And they will gang up you, ad hominem attack you - until you respond… then you get the boot for acting like them… That is their MO.
Really sad too, becuase they have a pretty good setup. You don’t have to be anti everyone to be anti-trump. Which is exactly what they are Anti-everyone with different opinions. As I said there isn’t many that differ, or they walk on egg shells - so they don’t hurt the snowflakes feelings.

Not me see, I ran through their gaunlet, like water through a faucet - real quick - like I knew from the onset - They’d try to hijack and co-op the movement. --Eric Dubay


As far as I recall, I’ve only seen a couple of people booted from this place… 1) for being a truly obnoxious Ahole and the other for droning on about their option (and position in Obama’s foot-soldier organization) and not really engaging the subjects. Other than that everyone here pretty well respects each other… except for those who don’t, and they just quit posting and go away… Enjoy.


Cool Beans, I understand people get heated in debate. And I even on Yabberz where it is the MO, I never flagged people. You will always have trolls. And I try to keep it on the subject and not ad hominem attack people.
Just from reading the story’s here, I can tell that is far and wide more open then what Yabberz has. Now during the election before they got all but hurt about Hillary losing, it wasn’t that bad of a place. You could post a discussion about anything. Now they only want ANTI-Trump posts. Most of which is just fake news… Oh, then they say they are against fake news, that is what made Hillary loose, fake news from the Russians…


I’m glad you’re here. My approach to administering our community is to take a hands off approach. I started Politiforum last April because I had been banned on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and several political forums out there for expressing my views and defending them. I was frustrated that there wasn’t anywhere for people to go and speak their mind without being moderated or censored. I don’t ban or penalize anyone for saying anything that I personally disagree with. I don’t ban or penalize anyone for saying things that others disagree with. I don’t even remove negative posts or comments about our community - even though I really want to. I try to read every single thread every day, but I think it’s important not to abuse my status here. So you won’t see many posts from me as admin. Google recently banned me from displaying advertisements for life. That’s fine. That tells me that I’m taking the right approach with this community and it also means that everyone is further encouraged to speak freely without restriction.

If you need help navigating the site or with anything else just send me a direct message or ping me using @Patriot.


Cool beans, I already love the openess of it. Yabberz administrators are a ? mark. You don’t know who it is. I have an idea, becuase they tell you before they boot you apparently. Well 5 minutes before they do. They hide, not showing who is in actual control. All the while making it look like it is the community.
I look forward to participating and becoming a valued member. I am a stay at home dad…so I have alot of time on my hands :slight_smile:


Correct @Scott - I’ve pushed the button and banned two. One was for someone who openly said they didn’t want to have discussions with anyone, they just wanted to post backlinks to their own website. That was just ridiculous. I have enough infrastructure/process in place to prevent spam here - that’s why we never get any. For example, we had two spam accounts register today. They are blocked.

The way the other person got banned was by the community. See the post below. There is a flagging system in place that allows the community to flag posts (pay no attention to the reactionary gif section - in retrospect I was being a hard ass about that for no reason and will strike it). Getting banned through flags takes a tremendous amount of use submitted flags and warnings. Before a ban ever happens I generally have many one-on-one conversations with the person.


Yabberz does seem to have a dedicated philosophy not welcoming to the dissenters.


Oh it is more then that. I am a true progressive. Which means I should be on their side. But the one thing I will not “bend” on is the Russian Narrative, and that is all they have.
I really feel I got booted because I posted the otherside of this argument.
I am a firm believer in Seth Rich was murdered, because of the DNC leaks. Julian Assange has made that clear.
And that is what I got booted for, because they also believe Assange is a liar. Although he has not been proven to have leaked any fake stuff, Unlike CNN, MSNBC… and the rest of the MSM, which have done it time and time again. They 17 intelligence agencies… Down to 3…is the latest example I can think off. They used that 17 like it was written in stone…


An interesting thought.

The leaks have not been a lie. People often focus on the leaks instead of the content of the leaks. The leaks were illegal so the content ignored.


Exactly, the twisted logic of people. Oh, those were stolen, so we won’t mention that. These people listen to the MSM and that is it.
I think it was Chris Como. He actually stated that looking at wikileaks is against the law…
If people can’t soon realize that we are all being lied to by the MSM, I am not sure that there is any hope for the immediate future.


Yeah that one is a classic. Don’t believe anything other than what CNN tells you, because…reasons.


I, to this day, am still not sure precisely what Julian Assange’s game is… He has, except by association, has never released damning information about any other country but the US. Perhaps it is because the US is a particularly careless target and others are much more difficult to get information from… or he has a serious desire to harm the US… having said that no one has ever said, with facts, that the material he as posted is made up or altered. As Louman said… best to focus on the illegal leaks and not the content… yet they seem to have little problem with leaks by Comey…


has never released damning information about any other country but the US.

I have seen Wiki release other stuff. I looked and couldn’t find the article/video where he answered that very question.
He says Russia has their own “Julian Assange” and Sweden has people like Kim Dotcom. He went on to say that it is more logical and logistical for people in their country that speaks that language to disseminate the leaks.
That way there is no question as to the translation. Assange deals almost exclusively with the English leaks…
Grrr, really wish I could find that statement…


Their is most certainly more countries in the world that speak English than the US…


Why yes there is - The problem is the MSM and even ALT media isn’t so concerned about other countries leaks/problems. They probably think the best way to deal with wiki - is to ignore them.
Click on this link… And look at all the countries…
Straight from the source


I’ve already been around the block for some time with wikileaks. While their have been some leak that pertains strictly to those countries, the vast majority (no doubt because of our willingness to stick our noses everywhere) are about, linked to are created by the US. The are related to special op, CIA, camp delta, embassy communications between the us and various countries or with the UN which the US is neck deep in…

If you read articles and comments made by people from this other countries, they generally reflect on the integrity and trustworthiness of the US… The susceptibility of their private communications to US eavesdropping… and of course the corrupt nature of US politics. Now, if the leaks about these various countries were significant, their would be comments about their own countries. I remember one comment that I saw that referred to an opinion pole with respect to Assange… it was from Australian and the pole was skewed in favor of the revelations because it shed light on how the US operates around the world…

Like I said, I don’t know his end game but it would appear that the US is either and easy mark or a concerted target…


Today, 8 July 2015, WikiLeaks releases more than 1 million searchable emails from the Italian surveillance malware vendor Hacking Team, which first came under international scrutiny after WikiLeaks publication of the SpyFiles. These internal emails show the inner workings of the controversial global surveillance industry.



@ICONOCLAST Not sure if you got my “mail” message. Just is case, thought I would try and do it here. Nothing like a thread “I’m Here from Yabberz” :slight_smile:
You should be able to post the first day, if you can’t send/read private messages.


Ask @Patriot but there aren’t many restrictions like that at least that I’m aware of.