I'm here from Yabberz!


Thanks, He said he wasn’t able to private message me, so I sent one to him… thinking they might be able to respond to one though.


Thanks for letting me know. We’ve had some spammers trying to post lately so I made some minor trust level adjustments. I can fix that - easy!


i WONDERED where you went. didn’t see anything that you posted that would have gotten you disappeared. figured you’d quit.

what DID you do, anyway???


They just booted/deleted Bryce Ambrose.
Too funny.

LOL, what didn’t I, in their eyes anyways.
I was in a debate with Doug Sabbage. He tried to say that NATO, American forces aren’t on the Russian border. I posted a video showing them “practicing” near the border.
He tried to say NEAR the border isn’t exactly ON the border.
I though that answer deserved an award, so I made a “Stupid Post of the Week” discussion.
Amalek came in there and told me he was tired of seeing my Pro Trump posts, and now I was attacking another member, he would have me kicked.
Sure enough 3 minutes later, I was deleted.
They are ruthless with booting people there.


what was your nick? might know you…


I was Bruce Lacey, and then Revolution…
I’ve had a couple more, but they end up blocking the IP address. I usually just go on there and spit the truth to them. Gets you blocked everytime :slight_smile:
Neistine or something like that showed me a FB page where Dabiscan or Dabs went. I see a few old Yabberz people on there. Haven’t posted nothing there though.
I have tried to “tow the line”.
I guess you aren’t as confrontational as me, lol - wonder they haven’t booted you yet. Guess you are a long timer there though.


yeah, i am…and i keep getting points and followers…i post a lot of different stuff…LOTS of science, jokes, cartoons…and the inevitable diatribe from time to time. perhaps that’s why i’m generally left alone. that, and the fact that my blocked file now looks like the entire progressive anti-trump lineup


Blocking is probably the best way. IF they can’t see your posts, they can’t flag them.
But then you wouldn’t see hardly anything on the feed…lol
I found that “blonde lady” Nicole Wik… I still can’t remember her screen name though… Ugg. Damn memory fart.
I posted alot of different stuff too :slight_smile: I think it was my die hard “corrupt DNC” position that was the final nail in the coffin.
I am done with all them, Have to say it is fun, going there and rattling their cage from time to time…


Welcome! This is really the land of misfit toys. Most of us here have been banned from somewhere. I’m no longer welcome on Facebook, Twitter, and Political Forum. I was on SA for a while and got several warnings there too. I cancelled my subscription before they banned me. I wasn’t go to pay to be reprimanded for speaking my mind.


Welcome to the fam!!!


Rache. she’s on Dabiscon Chronicles now under her nicole name. there’s another prog still there… Darla Horse…? yeah, i think that’s who. she HATES the current democratic mafia, but loves the progressive/socialist ideas. i have a good relationship with her because i can respect anyone who is genuine and not a HOFS (“hair on fire screecher”). there’s trying to force your will on others because you hate, and then there’s working to implement what you really believe is the best for everyone.


lol, that is her. Couldn’t think of it for anything. So funny, I was talking to her, when I got booted just before the primary vote.
I had actually made a web-site explaining it all. Can you believe they had the website shut down. It was a free-one, but still. They were able to contact Wix within about 20 hours and shut the page down. My alias was Harry Mangina - She didn’t want to touch the link… Oh, it was great.
Dala Horse was another of the “open minded” people. There are a few, would be alot more if they didn’t boot/keep them out.
That whole Corp. Dem. agenda/way of thinking is ridiculous. It;s hard to believe that they can even believe the crap they spew.
Hypocrites they are, talk about Trump 24-7 spewing hate. The Corp Dems are the worst in that department. Then act like their crap don’t stink !



I went over after reading your original introduction, signed up and made half dozen posts and was promptly told to troll somewhere else.

I was deleted a few minutes later.

Seems like differing opinions are not welcomed.


Plenty of places like that out there.


I guess that they are pretty clear about who they are… I would think a Trump supporter or even someone who respects election results wouldn’t find favor or friend their… Kind of like wearing a MAGA hat to an ANTIFA meeting; theirs gonna be trouble…

Rule 3 is pretty clear except that it shows the extreme closed mindedness of a group that will toss you even if the talking point is a valid one for most peoples perspective…

3. Yabberz is not for people who parrot Donald J. Trump’s talking points. Content and individuals that distrupt our mission will be removed.


So much for the freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment, include the right to voice political criticisms, the right to speak out against the government, the right to protest on school grounds or within the community and the right to refuse to salute or burn the U.S. flag. Freedom of speech allows individuals the right to not speak and to use offensive phrases or words.

I missed the part where content and individuals that distrupt our mission will be removed in the first amendment…


Come to my house and talk smack and I will escort you out the door… I make the rules in my house… the constitution only protects you from unwarranted death… now… if you want to resist leaving my house… the constitution is on my side…


@Scott @LouMan - I think you are both right. If a privately owned organization wants to make a rule, then they are free to do so. That does not mean that making such a rule, as seen on Yabberz, will be consistent with the first amendment. I think the more that discussion forums and social media platforms make rules like these, the more people will vote with their feet and leave to go somewhere else.


This of course is the whole premise behind the idea of ‘freedom of association’; a concept totally destroyed by Article II and VII of the 1964 civil rights act. If people actually had the right to turn people away from their business as easily as they can turn someone away from a .com website, we might find some real change in social order and just how business works within the community…


This wasn’t their “first” time they changed things. They like to stifle speech.
I had spent a bunch of time looking at old news papers, and wrote a paper about how all the old papers always used the Number 6,000,000 million for the number of Jews throughout the world. These papers were from 1890 to 1938…
Well, they didn’t like that post. They deleted it. I raised a big stink, they ended up saying it was because of the Ads, that we were no longer able to debate about mass killings, the genocide, or any other “conspiracy theory” as they called it.
The place is clearly more then an Anti-Trump haven. They hate on anyone that doesnt walk that Corp. Dem line. They are resisting alright. Resisting everything they need to do to get progressives and others to vote for a dem. the next election.
So, they have been stifling free speech even before the Anti-Trump agenda became their thing.

And that is the tact they use, It is their website and they can do what they please. I guess that is all fine now they have a Anti-Trump theme, but before that it was an "Open discussion, bipartisan, free speech claim. Which clearly they never were. I guess this way they can boot people without having much of an excuse. Propaganda isn’t only for MSM…