I'm here from Yabberz!


And clearly that is what they are doing. This is the last 6 months in activity.


As you can see they have dropped to about 1/3 of their traffic over 6 months.
Granted they should see more action during an election, but these numbers start 2 months after the election.
I am not sure it make good business sense, but who cares if it is fails, they sold his other company for about 40 million, so I am sure they still have a nice nest egg.


Granted if it is their habit to change the rules, they should and no doubt will get a bad rap from all of the people that they toss for their arbitrary changes. I would be quite pissed about the amount of time and effort I have put into engaging in this site for it to change the rules and find me unacceptable… The last place that 4 or 5 of us came from was a small forum that literally died… (two of the more engaging people passed away) … Before that was MarketWatch where they did a grand purge…