I'm Not Good At Wording Petitions .... Help


I’m not good at wording something as official as a petition but I can see the writing on the wall over immigration. I would like to see a petition on the Whitehouse website that deals with immigration reform after DACA.

This subject well no doubt find its way to congress where it will be put forth that:

  1. All children brought to the country as minors should have amnesty as it would be unfair to them to force them out of the only country and life that they know. While it bothers me, I can at least sympathize with the sentiment.

  2. Allow for the parents of those children to remain. It is all about keeping the family together and while I find sympathy with children being separated from their parents, nothing sends a message to future people entering the US illegally then allowing people off the hook for the second time.

  3. Provisions for extended family members - grandparents, half siblings, cousins etc. This would triple or quadrupedal the size of the original children.

This petition should draw a hard line a the children only. If they want to remain with their parents, they can take up residency in their mother country…

Some suggestions on how one might word such a petition… your thoughts and input please…


Hey my dude! I’m glad to help! Let me take a look.


The petition should provide for immediate deportation of parents and all other relatives allowing DCA kiddies (some 30+ years old) to stay in the US. The relatives should not be allowed to re enter the US nor be legible for citizenship.


All children, regardless of age, by birth in the United States or birth abroad, whose parents were not permanent residents or citizens of the United States at the time of birth, shall be deported immediately and without appeal.


I’m sure all of the birth right citizenship people would lose their collective shit over that statement.


Break our laws and get your sorry ass deported …DONE !


If the children get to stay, and the parents go…do they become a ward of the state?


I’m guessing that if they are still dependent children, they go with their parents.

But what I am seeing from the comments here is that their is little appetite for dealing with the children of any age… This makes a solution very difficult and I can bet that Trump, regardless of his campaign rhetoric is in quite a quandary over this problem.


I would be amenable to helping the children of illegal aliens if and when every single American child, born to American parents, was prioritized. Too many children are abused and neglected in this country. If American children received everything they needed ahead of the offspring of people who have not right to be here and who did not contribute then that would be fine.