Immigrants Are Superior to Americans and Their Kids


We are hearing this mantra over and over again lately and thinking about it… I believe it is true in general. Of course we have to look at the social settings in which both of these groups exist.

They say that immigrants are more motivated and harder working… What compels that behavior? Is it hunger?.. deprivation?.. and what is it that tends to demotivate American youth? is it a cradle to grave safety net that creates a kind of lethargy… Is it the lack of a nuclear family that inspires and guides the to do better? Could it be that we have created such a society of entitled creatures where hunger is no longer a motivator but over abundance leads to obesity and diabetes?

Perhaps the reason that some people can only see hope in immigrants… any immigrants is that they have systematically ruined our children’s ability to reason and their motivation to compete… It is after all a hungry world not only with respect to food but for a good life and competition is just as valid now as the darwinian days of yore…


The story was as bad as your comment on it !
Where do you think iron workers , cement finishers , electricians , sheet metal workers , mill wrights , pipe fitters , labors , mine workers . auto workers , factory workers they are made in America and work hard for their money .
Stop blaming the government for addressing social issues that the government let fester and corrupt .


I’ll just go with this part for now… Huh?


No that is out there.

I wonder how many businesses have been formed by the 11-40 million illegals.


Illegals are more motivated than Americans.Look how motivated they are getting taxpayer “Entitlements” and having politicians make them a special class of people and having police made the bad guy when arresting them. The real motivation is women coming here pregnant and giving birth to US citizens with all the available taxpayers paid “Entitlements” .That’s real Motivation!!!
We are inferior because voters keep re electing the politicians that Pander to them and Shaft those who pay the freight.


What an absolute load of crap. Yeah they get free medical and everything handed to them. How dare we who bust our asses say anything because then your a racist. I am an American who was born in Israel to a Native American mother and an Israeli father. I have worked hard to get where I am. I have not asked the government for anything. Left wingers like Chuck shit head aher and Nancy pandering to the illegals because God knows they can’t get legal votes


Well, you don’t come from the same disadvantage as Mexicans do.


So youre saying mexico is a … shithole? How dare you racyst!!


Easy now, that language for underprivileged countries is reserved for the TIC in the White House.
And pay no attention to the illiterates that conflate the two, can’t capitalize the name of a country, or spell properly.


You mean from a corrupt government and business environment that suppresses the people of that country? Carlos Slim is one of the richest men in the world because he used the people of Mexico and played the corrupt government like a fiddle… He attempted to come the the US and do the same thing… He found that the laws and the level of corruption just wouldn’t allow him to make money ‘the old fashion way’… so he went back to Mexico. I worked with a lot of hard working Mexicans on many projects in Mexico… they are none to shy about demanding change in this country… perhaps they should do the same in their own…


Does it surprise you that America is a better place to live then Mexico ?
America is the best nation on earth because we the people bled and died to make it that way .


That says it all.

Your clueless as to where anyone came from and their families endured before they came to the US as well as what they endured after their arrival.


You should really move to Mexico, they only had 25K murders last year.

Truly a paradise Mexicans are running from.


That may have been true years ago but NOT today .


Is anyone trying to tell me that a child of a Native American doesn’t know what their ancestors endured??? This was their land long before the white people set foot here.No,we won’t talk about how they were cheated by the Federal Government , traders and agents. How would anyone like to be part of the old wild west shows. No one bitched about that like they did about Black-Faced Minstrel shows.
Alot of them on a type of a zoo called Reservations.Check out the high rates of alcohol and drug abuse of Native Americans.And don’t forget about the Anti-Semitism.


We all share the same gene pool, ancestral pool and most of all originate from one source plus one. Lets won our stuff and stop telling tales to use as an excuse to act, believe and cherish the fals belief that ANY HUMAN BEINGS are superior to one another!


Ok, that’s a nice thought but it doesn’t account for the vast differences in achievements between different cultures. We didn’t all advance at the same time and in the same way. Some cultures exceeded others significantly.


No, I don’t believe that the broad generality is true. That is not to say that the majority of Americans aren’t hard working but I can guarantee you that if you told most unskilled/low skilled Americans that if the trudge across a desert, evade border police and avoid dying that they MIGHT get a job… they would say BS, where are my entitlements. Of course their are millions of illegals that are on the state dole but I would be surprised if that segment of the illegal population managed to contribute 20% to the Mexican GDP in remitances and still find money to subsist on. Of course entitlements and anchor babies are a draw to a lot of very poor people but some of them will work circles around some Americans.

You know as well as I do, the damage the entitlement culture and many welfare programs do to people, to the families and to their motivations. Hunger… real hunger is a motivator and given the number of obese people in the US, calories are not a problem… X-Box however is…


People are different.

What makes one person athletic superior to another?

Intellectually superior to another (IQ)?

One person taller than another?

Genes, environment.


I have seen a women pull out $9400 cash in $100 bills from her purse a few thousand at a time with much , much more still left in her purse when buying the $9400 money order to send out of the Country , she spoke very limited English , at a grocery store , 15 minutes later she purchased a shopping cart full of Pepsi on sale for 59 cent per two liter and used a food stamp card . They come here and learn how to game the system !!!