Immigrants now facing criminal charges for first offenses


I LOVE IT, IMMIGRANTS. How about ILLEGAL ALIENS, breaking the law crossing the border illegally.

PHOENIX (AP) - Migrants who are caught crossing the border illegally for the first time are now facing criminal charges in federal court in Arizona as the Trump administration steps up efforts to deter illegal immigration.

First-time offenders until recently were deported instead of being criminally prosecuted.

That changed as of June in the Tucson Sector, which includes most of Arizona’s border with Mexico and which has already seen the prosecution of 565 first-time offenders, the agency said in a news release on Thursday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says immigrants are charged with misdemeanors and tried in federal court under Operation Streamline, a 12-year-old initiative in which migrants are charged, enter pleas and are sentenced within a few minutes in large groups.

Critics of Operation Streamline say it burdens the courts and results in migrants going through more dangerous routes to avoid getting caught. The Border Patrol says it decreases recidivism.

Tucson Sector spokesman Daniel Hernandez said the agency is able to go after first-time offenders because fewer border crossers have freed up resources. The program for first-time offenders is already in place in one part of Texas and was previously in effect in Tucson, although it has been several years since it was used.

“This one is aimed specifically to deter people from coming to the country illegally in a way that prevents deaths,” Hernandez said. “It creates consequences in the west desert region where we’re having a lot of people distressed.”

The Tucson Sector has seen a rash of heat deaths and rescues during the past few weeks even as illegal border crossings are at an all-time low.

Border crossers without a prior record are being turned over to federal prosecutors, Hernandez said.

First-time offenders are charged with a misdemeanor and are typically sentenced to time served unless they have aggravating circumstances, said Cosme Lopez, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona. He said that two Customs and Border Protection attorneys are detailed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tucson and that they exclusively handle the program docket.

A recent docket for Operation Streamline, which takes place in Tucson several times a week, shows that 58 immigrants were tried on Thursday. About 35 were first-time offenders who were charged with improper entry. The rest were migrants who have previously been caught at the border and were charged with illegal re-entry


They need to stop moving so slowly on this. Anyone here illegally, regardless of whether they overstayed on their visa, crossed illegally, or just flew here without a visa and never left should all be prosecuted criminally, serve their sentence, and be rapidly deported.


I would be happy to begin with deporting them the first time. Second time 1 year hard labor building the wall, no pay.


And… Individuals processed 5 times for illegal entry, who are found have raped children and are finally caught after murdering someone, takes little time away from the justice and court systems… Right. Besides, who gives a damn if it causes them to take more dangerous routes… Come to the front door… knock and if someone lets you in, great… otherwise go to hell home and use all that hard work and good intention to support your family there. But, No opportunity there, you say?.. Go wave flags in front of your own governments capital and demand laws change there…


I’m starting to see the wisdom of chain gangs… Prisoners are to busy to cause trouble… They pay for their rather expensive keep and lots of manual labor type work gets done that would normally require a hired government workers…


The fastest way to get a handle on immigration would be to repeal the Immigration Act of 1965. LBJ was responsible for that and the act itself can be directly linked to our now multiCULTuralist society.


Why did we ever get rid of that? Prisoners are in prison for a reason. They shouldn’t get better accommodations than our men and women in uniform. Prisoners should be required to work 12 hours a day, six days a week. There is nothing cruel and unusual about hard work.


I’m beginning to see a picture here. You never here anyone in government expressing dissatisfaction with the 17th amendment although, job security may play a part their but even bigger, you don’t hear anyone but originalists talking about the many pieces of legislation to come out during Johnson, primarily title II and title VII of the 1964 civil rights act. Sometimes I look at what is happening in Washington and think that the American people are being tag-teamed and I am not entirely convinced that Trump isn’t the bad cop in the good cop/ bad cop game. America has taken just about as many immigrants as it can and Washington knows it… Obama could never stop the immigration that he accelerated… but a bad guy like trump can… he stops the inflow, expels the truly bad ones and … resigns himself to yet another amnesty… :thinking:


The real issue with amnesty isn’t the 11 million reported illegals in the country but the 11-40 million that are in the country. As Reagan found out who h issued amnesty. What a surprise, no one knows how many illegals are in the country.

If i were a betting person I would believe closer to 40 million than 11 million. Why would we ned bilingual everywhere for 11 million people???


I think 40 million for illegal border crossers for sure. We can’t be certain about that number. What I’m curious about are the visa overstays which the government tracks but never really reports on.