Immigration meeting, perhaps a broken promise in store


People are entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.



We want a bill that would authorize $30 billion to build a border wall, put an end family reunification migration and the diversity visa lottery program, mandate the use of “E-Verify” to ensure employers only hire legal workers, allow the Justice Department to withhold grants from so-called sanctuary cities and increase the criminal penalties for deported criminals who return to the U.S. illegally. And finally charge employers and officials that violate our LAW .


And when dems encourage more of this BS …

Frustrated MS-13 gang leaders feeling the pressure from the Trump administration’s crackdown are looking to send “younger, more violent offenders” to the United States to take over the role of being enforcers, officials say.
The revelations were made Thursday during a House Committee on Homeland Security meeting on fighting international criminal organizations, where officials discussed the arrests and imprisonment of MS-13 members and leadership over the last year.
Can it get any worst ? Is this what the democrats shutdown our government over ? :rage: