Impeach 45! Impeach Trump!


If the Democrats win either the House or the Senate in the Mid-term elections tomorrow
they will go on another useless witch hunt of trying to impeach President Trump.
They will waste millions upon millions of dollars of tax payers money by doing so.

People like Maxine Waters will possibly chair and over see things like banks,
and Wall Street. Do you really want this crazy woman to be in control of anything!? Let
alone your money in a bank? and Wall Street? and Stocks?

I’ve never voted across the board for Republicans my entire life, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Tomorrow America, it is your choice to weather or not you want to shock the world again? You did it back in 2016 when you elected President Trump, and you have a chance to do it again! But will you, is the question?

I guess Maxine doesn’t believe in the first Amendment? You know, freedom of speech?
She and the Democrats that just because a person votes Republican, or for Trump, that we should be persecuted in some way. Sounds like Socialism at its finest. You know, there use to be a big dictator that was a Socialist, and he killed million of innocent Jewish people. His name was Hitler. I included the definition of what a Nazi was down below, in a link.!


Keep in mind Republicans and Democrats. Shhhhhhhhh, the Liberals aren’t suppose to talk about things like this! They told Maxine this also.

Why do you think that the Democrats aren’t pretending to be moderate and go to the middle right now? They need the middles vote, or they will lose the midterms!

Shhh, don’t bring things like this up. The Democrats aren’t suppose to talk about it before the midterms! It will hurt them overall.


First thing is to dig up anything that resembles an impeachable offense.

Second thing is for the house to pass impeachment.

Third thing is to somehow to get the Senate to go along with it.

Fourth thing is to figure out how to keep it from the supreme court.

And last but least how to quell the riots that follow which will put ANTIFA to shame as the anger of half the country explodes in the democons face.


A colossal waste of time. Even if Democrats take the House and impeach Trump, he can’t be removed unless two thirds of the Senate votes to do so. Democrats will never get a supermajority in the senate.


And then if they do impeach Trump it will certainly be an item sent to the SCOTUS.


If libs do take the house they’re going to have to go after Trump and his supporters just to satisfy their extreme elements of their base.

If they don’t win that element is going to get very violent.

Either way democrats loses…it will farther show the world just who and what they are.

So their hands are tied.

As for Mueller…he has to documents. One if case libs do take the house…and other one if they don’t.

Now that’s just my opinion. :wink:


the loonies know it has to get past the Senate and it won’t, but they will waste taxpayer money on these stupid “investigations” anyway. They never have cared about wasting taxpayer money bc they never cared about the taxpayer

only what they can get from them


they are like prostitutes that way, but at least with a prostitute, the dude gets something in return…

probably a good analogy bc what We the People get for our taxes is about as transitory as what the man paying a whore gets…


Ya know, the president has some investigative power at his disposal as well. If progs like Waters want to play like a banana republic and use their power to punish a political opponent, they will rediscover that Trump punches back.

Yeah… I know… let’s not stoop to their level. It’s against the rules … or whatever. Sorry… high road, low road, or tunnel between the two… it does not matter. We are in a cultural war and until we win against the progs, all is fair. Let the battle of investigations begin, all in the name of “Americans have a right to know…”


That boys name was in fact…

Albert Einstein


At least they stop the Senate from approving Trump’s SCOTUS nominees. :us:


Hitler was as far from being a socialist as you can possibly get.


ummmmm, he was a german socialist or fascist, he was not a socialist by the traditional means as defined by the west or even marx.

Get your facts straight for once.


Uuuum What? lol


Whatever 61falcon is smoking I want some! lmao.

That way I could live in a delusional state of mind on a regular basis also. lol. :rofl:


Of course he was. Fascism is often ushered in by socialistic promises. Fools are ready to believe the lies, the authoritarian uses their support to gain power, then once in power the madmen unleash their hell.

Why not try to challenge me on Hitler in particular? Come on. Libs are always trying to distance Hitler from Socialism but fail to recognize that Hitler used it like bait on a mousetrap. Come on. Let’s discuss.



the left doesnt debate, they post and run, they are not interested in the truth, they are interested in pissing the right wing off.


It would be simply a waste of time and taxpayer money , dems can’t do shit right . :rofl:


I think falcon is afraid to challenge you, because he/she or it knows he/she or it is wrong. lol.


Maybe. I hope @61falcon gets up the courage to debate me. My guess is that he does not even know what we would be debating. The lib narrative has not prepared him.


Shhh, don’t say that to loud. You know the Dem Dems. 61falcon may get offended, and then it would have to start a support group because you hurt his/her or its feelings. lol.

Then you would be an ist of some sort. lol.