Important FYI Regarding Your Home WiFi network



Old news. But here’s what to do for a bit of security / peace of mind

  1. Change the password on your ROUTER

Bc the default is usually admin:admin or admin:password, and people can just get into your router and see your password. And its good to have access to your router anyway, for #2

  1. Use your guest networking feature your router / home internet. Here is a bit about it
  1. Keep your “smart” devices up-to-date firmware wise, to prevent any exploitable security flaws; tho i avoid most all together, especially smart TVs (they are also not reliable) and “home assistants” such as google home etc


Thanks for sharing this. I recently had FIOS put in and the jackass left the passwords as default. I logged in and there were 62 friggin devices connected to my network! I guess the whole neighborhood was enjoying free internet WTF!


There are probly more tips and tricks and these are just the layman’s minimum measure (i think) in this day and age. Maybe @Patriot -senpai can help out.


Actually this is a newly discovered exploit of WPA2 protocol (actually the only discovered exploit of the encryption protocol itself)… It doesn’t matter what your passwords are as it breaks the encryption between your device and the router…


What the hell man. Can’t they just make stuff that works? I also read that they can get your full cellular contract details now even over VPN.


What’s with all the hacks and security breaches lately?


I’m not a huge techie but I saw this article in my newsfeed on my phone this morning. Microsoft is rolling out patches now. Don’t know if this helps the situation or not since the problem seems to be on the router side, not the PC side, but maybe I am not understanding it correctly. Anyone with better understanding of this subject, please correct me.


Yeah…this is pretty bad.