In Canada You Have to Pay Your Ex-Girlfriend Alimony


I implore all of the great Americans on this board to heed my warnings on social justice issues. You do not want to become like Canada. Paying alimony to an ex-girlfriend or mistress is beyond stupid. At this point they should just finish what they have started and implement flat rates for every kind of interaction with any female anywhere in Canada.

Sent message on Facebook to a woman? 50 dollars removed from your account.

Went out to a bar with a woman? 500 dollars deducted, plus drink expenses, food, and tip.
Street camera caught you entering private residence of a female? Gender police notified, locked-up, bail set at 10,000 dollars.

I hate Canada.


Wow. I thought divorce laws here were terrible. Just another example of liberals going out of their way to make sure women are given bigger benefits at the expense of men. Why would anyone want to move in with a girl in Canada when you can possibly end up paying her to maintain her lifestyle while she sleeps with other men? It’s unbelievable and disgusting.

If you hate Canada so much just come here illegally. Everyone else does. You better make sure you get a good tan going first and grow a mustache.


Canada is doing the right thing here. This is only fair.


Whats only fair?..


That men should have to pay alimony to their girlfriends. It sends the message that men should not lead a woman on or there will be consequences.


After the battering you took over on the tread I will not dignify this with any real response… but helpless little misandrist comes to mind.