In Maryland, Protesters Outnumber Attendees at Drag Queen Story Hour

The simultaneous prayer vigil and rosary attracted more people than the drag event.

LEXINGTON PARK, Maryland, June 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — On the Feast of Corpus Christi, Christians stood praying outside a library as a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event for kids went on inside.

The three-hour-long drag queen event — organized by atheist group “Southern Maryland Secular Humanists” in conjunction with the LGBTQ organization PFLAG of Leonardtown — was held in Lexington Park, Maryland’s public library.
Although a local newspaper, the St. Mary’s County Times , reported a few weeks ago that over 100 children had been registered by their parents to attend the event, only about 30 showed up.

The simultaneous prayer vigil and rosary attracted more people than the drag event.

About 100 Christians showed up throughout the day “to pray in reparation for the violation of childhood innocence and for the conversion of parents who’ve abandoned their God-given role as protectors of their children by bringing them to this depraved event,” according to Georgia Kijesky, a local family activist and founder of Personhood Alliance of Maryland.

The event began with a one-hour session consisting of men outlandishly dressed as women reading “gender-fluid” books to 3- to 8-year-olds, including Free to Be Incredible Me by Joelle-Elizabeth Retener, This Day in June by Gayle Pitman, and Neither by Arlie Anderson.

It is unclear if a planned second two-hour session took place in which drag queens were to teach “tweens & teens” how to apply drag queen–style make-up.


This is what we are needing. Normies once they find out about this happening will come out in droves. We are in an information bubble that the normie doesnt come in contact with. We need to amplify these shows as much as we can to inform the normie and let them do the work for us. And as the police crack down on normie citizen for the benefit of the frankenfreaks guess what happens next?


The more people that find out about this the better. It is an abomination and not something that should be hosted at public facilities that are paid for by tax dollars.

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What the hell storytime lasts for 3 hours? It’s hard to get kids to focus on stories for a half hour. Then again that is just the front for perverts to be near children.

Consider that these people are so degenerate they have to come up with schemes to be near kids. Whereas if they weren’t degenerate sickos they could just start a family and be around their own kids 24-7.


Well when you have a demon on all fours gyrating and moaning like a dog in heat I guess time just flies by.

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I am of the opinion that those two guys in Louisiana that dressed up like clowns are more effective than formal protests. However, I think the tide may be turning with drag story time. (((Secular Organizations))) along with the alphabet soup of fag organizations have been able to portray religious protesters (specifically at abortion clinics, adult bookstores) as being out of touch Goobers. Normies went along in part, because these goobers are a sad lot. Drag story time is a bridge way too far.


Once the word has gotten out about these demonic exhibitions going on the normie started to stir.

I hope this is true.

I agree that in a secular society and from the perspective of liberal progressives, religious protests can be, and are usually, all too easily written off as the work of fringe oddballs, people pitifully out of touch with postmodern reality.

I really do wish that groups of people who are simply outraged mothers, fathers, teachers, and citizens would protest, because this would be much more effective and much harder to write off. LGBTQP needs to know that you don’t have to be religious to object to them.

Its hard not to see the gay lifestyle on Television !!
Leftists are forcing the gay lifestyle into our front rooms in a attempt to normalize the lifestyle .

“The percentage of LGBTQ series regulars on broadcast primetime scripted programming is up to an all-time high of 8.8 percent,” according to LGBTQ media advocacy group GLAAD, which has been tracking LGBTQ characters on TV for more than two decades.

The number of LGBTQ regular characters on scripted primetime cable shows increased to 120, up from 103 last year — a 17 percent jump. A noteworthy program in the cable TV mix is “Pose” on FX. The Ryan Murphy series about the underground voguing ballroom scene in the 1980s features the largest cast of series regular transgender actors in the history of scripted television.

Since GLAAD began tracking LGBTQ representation on streaming video platforms three years ago, Netflix has been number one — and this year is no different. The streaming service has a record 88 LGBTQ regular and recurring characters this season, nearly doubling last year’s 46. “Orange Is the New Black” and “GLOW” are just two of the many Netflix programs with LGBTQ-inclusive casts.

I didn’t know what you were referring to then saw this crazy shit…