In Saudi Arabia - Trump Does Not Bow Like Obama to Saudi Royalty and Melania Does Not Wear a Headscarf


Unlike our past Presidents who have all kissed Saudi ass, President Trump shows no signs of weakness or deference to these inbred morons who have nothing to offer this world. Melania stood steadfast and stylish. I don’t like the whole arms deal that’s coming, but if he can make Saudi our bitch then I can support that. We don’t need their oil anymore - so now they need to do what we say.


Saudi Arabia is under a bit of pressure. It has the war in Yemen which they need funding, and they have their 2030 vision as well which they’re planning for. They’ve never been as lubed up as this. Plus the Obama years really hurt them.


The best part is when Melania got off Air Force One, the Saudi leaders shook her hand.


I started clapping like I was at a baseball game when I saw this clip. Woke the whole family up!


WTF is Ivanka (Trump’s ULTRA LIBERAL, still Registered DEM, Daughter) doing in Saudi Arabia on an Official US (“supposed Republican”) POTUS trip???


Let her get a dose of reality. How do you think Ivanka will feel about her feminist view points sitting at the women’s only counsel where women are not allowed to discuss politics with men?


The handshake is a start. Next, Melania should go to the beach in Saudi in a thong bikini - this will be a real feminist statement.


Try to look at it this way. Obama gives Iran over 40 billion dollars while President Trump gets 110 billion from the Saudis in new deal…quite the contrast.


YES! Let the Sunni / Shia contests begin !!!


President Trump did more for women’s welfare in Saudi Arabia between Air Force One and the terminal than all previous presidents have done altogether.


The hypocrisy on both sides surrounding this trip to Saudi Arabia is ridiculous. You have to stay with the truth. Praising weapons deals with Saudi Arabia because it’s Trump?

  1. They fund 4 different terror groups

  2. They attacked us on 9/11

  3. They’re buying up our media to censor criticism of Islam


Well… Melania did… that hand shake was very significant.


Oh it’s all about brave Melania now? Really? If this group was actually paying attention, you would remember that First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t wear a headscarf on a trip to Saudi Arabia and then Donald Trump, star of the Apprentice, criticized her for it over Twitter. But, now that Melania did the same exact thing she is some sort of pioneer?


@Dan yeah - that part about Melania and Mooch is correct. Mooch didn’t wear a head rag in Saudi when Barry was over there getting on his knees before the Saudi king. Mooch did wear one in Indonesia. In fact, she looked really comfortable in it too.


I’ll give you the hypocrisy of his statement without making any excuses… The scarf thing was much to do about nothing… far to many women have done that before… but you have to admit that Melania being offered a handshake in a country that won’t let their women drive, is somewhat significant…


Ivanka Trump in Saudi Arabia is trending all over social media globally. Apparently, most Saudi men like looking at women not covered up. Go figure.


When I worked there Suharto was president… I can see why Obama may admire the culture… Suhartos ‘party’ motto was: ‘Democracy Without Opposition’


Can you blame them? I can’t. I don’t like Ivanka’s politics - and she has no business being on the WH staf - but I’m just fine with the rest of her.


Touching a woman’s hand is a major transgression in Sharia, especially when state of cleanliness is unknown, but our real First Lady forced recognition and Saudi women will notice. The demolition of evil is incremental, and this was no small step.


Hey… @queenreeeee… I sense jealousy… perhaps blonds do have more fun…