In Saudi Arabia - Trump Does Not Bow Like Obama to Saudi Royalty and Melania Does Not Wear a Headscarf


Haven’t there been rumors of a Saudi Civil war in the making?

Could this arms deal be for internal purposes?


Those weapons sold are guaranteed to kill Americans, whether it’s 6 months after they buy them and they manage to work their way into Syria or 5 years from now when Saudi Arabia implodes and the US is forced to prevent war from spilling into Israel.


The only upside I can think of is that the Saudis and Saudi mercenaries will die fighting Iran instead of American soldiers. Just like the good old days of the Iran-Iraq war.


Isn’t this all completely pointless when you consider that we have been doing this for decades and all of our equipment in the world NEVER saves them from attacks by shoddily armed tribals? Trump is basically getting money for nothing in this case. Especially when you consider the fact that all of these weapons will be made in American factories which are staffed by American workers, we’re making a shit ton of money off of it, and it isn’t going to change anything because the stupid Saudis don’t know how to actually use any of it.


From the Russia/Iran/China perspective this is the most desired situation given the alternatives. The alternative to this deal was that Saudis would get nuclear weapons from Pakistan. And NO one wants that to happen.

Saudis were getting very nervous over the last eight years of utter incompetence of the Obama failures in the region. Syria is now under the Russian / Iran defense shield. Saudi terrorists failed to take Syria and have no nuclear weapons like Iran so without the US as the big brother they could easily be destroyed by Iran, or anyone else in the region.
So at the end of the day you either have Saudis under US defense without nuclear weapons. Or you have Saudis as a renegade nation with black market nuclear weapons they got from Pakistan.

Take your pick. This is long term geo-political strategy. This is just one move on the chess board.


Even short term it keeps the Saudis somewhat dependent on the US. Like everything that happens in the Middle East, it’s all about the oil. Besides, Saudi Arabia is already completely dependent on outside experts, hardware, and defense. What were the statistics? 80+% of the population lives on welfare and doesn’t work. When that oil dries up it’s going to be one hell of a blood bath out there once all those mercenaries decide to become warlords with the second best military tech money can buy and their infrastructure collapses with no one capable of running it.


Saudi Arabia was TRUMPED in one evening.

If you take a look at all the footage we have so far, it’s clear the Saudis are kissing the President’s ass to unexpected levels. Trump OWNS them.

King Salman eagerly broke protocol for the American entourage and he’s catering to their every need. No American President has been greeted with such respect by Saudi Arabia. It’s completely unprecedented and the locals are shocked.

Remember that Saudi authorities shook hands with Melania and Ivanka despite the fact they were in western clothes and with exposed hair. They stood for the American anthem, gave Donald an award and threw him the mother of all reception parties.

Why do they bother? It’s not because they like Trump. It’s because they fear him.

And how Trump is repaying all this flattery? He’s ripping them off by selling obsolete weapons in ridiculously high prices and this cash will prove useful when it comes to projects like the great wall and rebuilding the military.

Spoiler alert: this artillery will mostly likely be used against radical jihadists in Yemen, wiping out among them hundreds of ISIS fighters and Mossad moles. What’s not to like?

Now watch him cuck the Jews. The administration is gradually breaking every promise made to Israel. They took their sweet time to approve David Friedman and they’re only preparing ground to backpedal on moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. And Kushner will get kicked out. It’s only a matter of time. Wait and see.


Donald Trump has said Saudi Arabia Was behind 9/11.

It’s known that Saudi Arabia are Israel’s proxy to destabilize the Middle East, which then filters down to mass immigration of the displaced muzzies into Europe.

They also fund all the mosques being built in mainland Europe.

How is Trump selling arms to the world’s number one supplier of arms to the terrorists and the proxy nation behind the building of all the mosques in Europe, not of concern to every single person who voted for Trump?

It’s the biggest slap in the face of every so-called ‘patriot’ that supported him, hoping he would directly put an end to this practice [invade the world, invite the world] the same practice that Obama was rightfully attacked over the course of his 8 years for doing.


I don’t want to disagree with you… I want to believe that this visit was well planned an is being executed (from the US perspective) according to that plan … but I have a nagging feeling. No matter what I think of Trumps campaign promises and my desire for him to execute them… I KNOW that he is a narcissist… and I’m am not so certain that after the abysmal respect he has received from his own countrymen that the pomp and shiny objects aren’t just too much to resist… Just a nagging feeling…


Blackstone, Saudis set to invest $40 billion in primarily U.S. infrastructure

When they said “buy American”, they meant Saudi Arabia and China buying up all our corporations. It looks like they’ll let us work for them though.

This is fine. Oh, and the CEO of Blackstone is a vocal Chuck Schumer supporter.


This is probably greasing the palms for more mass immigration and pro-Islamic indoctrination in media and schools. Trump is definitely not ourguy and the last holdouts can stop pretending that he’s playing 8D chess in zero gravity now.


I’ve never seen the Saudis use the weapons we sell them against anyone other than adverse Muslims. They did good work against the Iraqis in Kuwait. The only potential targets within their range now are Iran, Israel, Yemen, and Syria. Certainly no threat to us.


The Saudis are never going to fight a full-scale war with Iran. Never gonna happen. I can see some skirmishes, but anything that got beyond the level of paid Saudi mercs fighting detachments of the Iranian army would create a vacuum that sucked the US right in…because Israel would cry about it.


Something must be done about Iran. Israel won’t take action even if we pay them and we Americans are too chicken to do it ourselves. If the Saudis volunteer to act at their own expense we should welcome them. We’re selling them weapons not inviting them to come live next door.

I think before we rush to judge this move, we let it play out.


I though Trump nailed his speech. It’s so great not to have some sniveling kiss ass as the leader of our country.


President Trump ended his speech with God Bless the USA.

President Obama ended his with a quote from the Quran.


Trump crushed it today. Historic day. I’m more than willing to say so if I didn’t think it was, but it was. He put the entire Muslim world on notice, in person, straight to their faces. Takes massive balls to do what he did today. I’m no fan of Saudi Arabia, but international diplomacy is a must.