In the spirit of Thanksgiving,,,


… I’ll preach about giving thanks

inb4 “omfg its Dennis Prager”


His videos are always great. Miserable little shits out there are always the most entitled acting. They aren’t grateful for a damn thing because they always expect a handout.


This describes the NFL to a tee ! Ungrateful spoiled children that cling to the victim card for all it is worth . They make ten’s of millions for playing a fucking game and can barely read at a 6th grade level , they receive a FREE ride in “college” yet they whine , and whine about how bad America treats them , hell you would think they were slaves last year ! The democratic party has instilled on them that they are victims . The fact a black president was elected TWICE never sunk in yet . They will never be HAPPY , so FUCK THEM ALL ! HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! :wink:


Well now “ungrateful” has been banned.



Talcum X is really ungrateful. Finally, he gets to wear the badge he has wanted for years.