Insulin and disease


I’ve made comment on the issue of carbohydrate consumption in other threads but this article should be of interest to everyone

Want a real gem of health wisdom that few people have ever heard of? Our bodies have a far harder time processing food than we can imagine.

Overeating causes impaired metabolism leading to insulin resistance, abdominal obesity and inflammation. How serious is this? The answer is that they are markers for heart disease and cancer.

You may not ever read anything about your health more important than the metabolic effects of insulin.

This is serious information that few know about and this is an alternative to conventional drug medicine.

It does not matter what your health concern is, you can do something about it by concentrating on fixing your insulin. You can stop the progression of your health problem or you may reverse it completely depending on how well you digest this information and how disciplined you are to have good and excellent health and to extend your years on this earth.

Since I came across this information, I have read and studied it several times. My excitement continues to increase because I am personally experiencing the benefits of understanding the metabolic effects of insulin.

If you have high triglycerides (cholesterol), severe osteoporosis, severe angina of the heart and of your legs (claudication), cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight or you name it… you have an insulin problem.

Insulin is the common denominator in everything about your health. The way to treat virtually all of the so-called chronic diseases of aging is to treat insulin itself.

Centenarian studies show no health consistency at all except that all the centenarians have relatively low insulin (sugar) for their age and they all have low triglycerides for their age. Note here that your doctor will tell you that high triglycerides (blood fat) means that your diet is too high in fat. Dietary fat does not make body fat. Even butter, coconut oil, animal fat, etc., do not make body fat. Blood sugar gets stored as fat, and excess blood sugar causes high triglycerides. What causes high triglycerides and excess blood sugar? Insulin imbalance.

The variability in lifespan is regulated by insulin. I would like to add that caloric restriction with optimal nutrition also adds to lifespan. Animal experiments have proven that animals live from 30 to 200 percent longer on caloric restriction.

You can be a very thin person and have an excess insulin problem leading to high triglycerides and high cholesterol levels. Remember, the cause is excess insulin and a high lipid profile is the result. High cholesterol does not equal heart disease. High insulin and insulin resistance equals eventual heart disease.

Treating cholesterol is to treat the effect, not the cause as orthodox medicine is doing. I can’t repeat this enough times until the medical cartel’s anti-cholesterol and pro-statin drug crusade is stopped.

Excess insulin applies to all people and children too. It’s our diet. We shove so much sugar from our diet at our cells until they become insulin resistant. Insulin can’t get into our cells, then trouble begins.

Insulin resistance is the basis of all of the chronic diseases of aging because insulin resistance itself is actually the disease of aging. Cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, all the so-called chronic diseases of aging and auto-immune diseases are only symptoms.

All are diseases of aging caused by insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance.

Modern medicine is symptomology or the treatment of symptoms. The treatment of symptoms is a business, not a medical therapy.

Insulin resistance and magnesium

A less known fact is that insulin also stores magnesium. But if cells become resistant to insulin, we can’t store magnesium and we lose it through urination. Adequate intracellular magnesium is absolutely essential to health and most especially heart health.

Magnesium is required for all energy-producing actions that take place in the cell.

Calcium restricts and magnesium relaxes. So when we are low in magnesium, and most everybody is, then we have a constant restriction of blood vessels which guarantees the aging process.

In this way, sugar and carbohydrates are killing millions of people as well as causing accelerated aging of the population. This high insulin epidemic is tantamount to national suicide. Think of insulin as a sugar (carbohydrate) disease.

When we can’t store magnesium because we have eaten too much sugar and carbohydrates and consequently developed insulin resistance, we begin to lose magnesium, blood vessels constrict, blood pressure rises, energy goes down, and aging is on the fast track along with heart disease.

High insulin is the cause of high cholesterol and plaque buildup in the arteries. Instead of taking cholesterol (statin) drugs, reduce insulin by getting on a lifetime diet of very low sugar and carbohydrates. Your quality of life will go straight up and the medical mafia will lose their monthly sales of cholesterol drugs.

Usually we think of fat people mostly as insulin resistant. But even if you are slim and trim you can have it and drop dead with a heart attack. Millions do! There is a direct correlation between insulin levels and health or sickness as the case may be.


High levels of insulin diverts calcium, some to be excreted in the urine and some diverted to metastatic calcifications, including in the arteries.

Seniors don’t have osteoporosis because of a lack of calcium. They produce an overabundance of insulin.

Heart failure

Insulin also causes the retention of sodium causing the retention of fluid, which also causes high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is widespread. Conventional doctors treat the symptom of fluid accumulation with diuretics to reduce the water.

Changing the diet to low sugar and low carbohydrates would be the true therapy and restore health without the depletion of potassium as well as restore an enlarged heart to normal.

Studies have shown that heart attacks are two to three times more likely to happen after a high carbohydrate meal and specifically NOT likely after a high-fat meal. Why? Because the immediate effect of raising your blood sugar from a high-carbohydrate meal is to raise insulin which causes arterial spasm and constriction of the arteries.

The lining of your arteries cannot be protected from insulin the way fat cells and liver cells can. Every step of the way, high insulin is causing cardiovascular disease. It fills the arteries with plaque, constricts the arteries, increases platelet adhesiveness and coagulability of the blood — a lot worse as we become seniors. Insulin influences nitric oxide causing vascular restriction. Insulin causes cellular growth — as in cancer. Studies show strong correlations to breast and colon cancers.

High insulin levels are our modern plague caused by the recommended diet of very high carbohydrates (“healthy” whole grains that are constantly pushed on us) and very high sugar, including corn sugar (high fructose corn syrup). Mainstream cardiologists rarely warn you of this. They are only interested in dispensing drugs which they and the general public are “educated” to think of as “cures.”

Set your goal to read Dr. Michael Cutler’s The Insulin Factor as soon as you can. He shows you how you can virtually cancer-proof your body through insulin balance. Dr. Cutler also reveals why the biggest threat to our health is the big sugar (carbohydrate) loads that we regularly consume, hidden in our food. It makes us expire when we retire instead of living to 100 against the wishes of those who run the animal farm.