Introducing myself


Just got the invitation last night. I was a member of PF long ago, but had not posted there in some time. I’m a professional curmudgeon by nature, and I hate politicians of both stripes right now.


Welcome! You are in good company here. You won’t be bored by the range of opinions. That’s for sure!


Welcome! Former PF member as well although I was active for about 6 months before the transition here. Professional curmudgeon glad to meet a fellow practitioner. There are several others here as well, but I’ll let them introduce themselves.


While I must admit that this is a new word for this old dog… the definition suits me to a tee :smirk: I now have a new profession… well, at least a new title. :thumbsup:

your presence has benefited my understanding already… Welcome aboard !!


Welcome and thanks so much for accepting the invitation!


Welcome @MrLiberty thanks for coming aboard!


Thank you for accepting the invitation and for diving right in to the discussion @MrLiberty!